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Gluten Free Makeup Reviews


Easy Gluten Free Art on your Nails – Jamberry Nails

I'm gonna be real honest about something. It's something that's actually kept me from doing reviews like this in the past. Well, no, not reviews. It's kept me from doing pictures like this before.
Because... I have horrible nails.

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Gluten Free Makeup Monday


Gluten Free Makeup Monday – One Minute Winged Eyeliner Tutorial

How many times have you had to fly out the door with only minutes to spare. Barely enough time to throw makeup on, but you wanna made up, right? Well Marlena from Makeup Geek has this awesome tutorial that I stumbled across and just had [...]

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Dear Gluten Free Makeup Gal


Dear Gluten Free Makeup Gal – Is Tocopheryl Acetate safe or not?

That's a very good question. The reason that there are conflicting stories about tocopheryl acetate's safety is because nobody really knows the answer to it. Thanks to a lack of scientific study, we're left to speculate on what little data we have. That said, there [...]

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Gluten Free Makeup News


10 Facts about Eating Gluten Free your Friends and Family Must Know

You need to go check out Gluten Dude's "Celiac Rants", if you haven't already. If you've ever felt alone in your gluten free struggles, the stories there will remind you that we are all in this together. Gluten Dude's readers share their tales of frustration, [...]

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