Celiac Disease

Back in March, I wrote about the FDA's proposed gluten free labeling laws. At the time, while I was still frustrated with the lenient 20 ppm gluten, at the very least I was pleased with the FDA's decision to outlaw gluten derived ingredients in gluten [...]

On one hand, this makes me happy. I'm so glad that this frightening practice of removing gluten from a gluten grain and calling it "gluten free" will be outlawed in more than just beer (I wrote about that here). On the other hand, I'm very [...]

Everyday Minerals has gained themselves a reputation for being the go-to brand for hip and eco-friendly cosmetics. They can be found in the hands of trendy ladies and earth-minded gals alike. Until recently, all I really knew about them was that they do lab test for [...]

... Gluten free beer, that is.  So, yeah, this doesn't really affect gluten free cosmetics at the moment.  BUT.  Y'all remember my argument against "gluten-less" barley, right?  On May 24th, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) has issued a ruling that agrees [...]

Why Gluten Free Cosmetics are a Must

Last week, Red Apple Lipstick contacted me to contribute to "the Mother of all posts" about "Why Gluten Free Cosmetics".  Since I adore and trust their Tested Gluten Free company, I gleefully said YES! And folks, it is an excellent post.  My part is stellar [...]

COMING SOON: Gluten Free Makeup List v.2.0!

This is the last week of March.  You know what that means?  It's the end of the first quarter and the Gluten Free Makeup List v.2.0 is on it's way!   Coming to a computer near you on MARCH 30!   In the last few [...]

How to Make Money with Gluten Free Makeup

It's time. You're gonna do it.  No more thinking and hemming and hawing.  You're gonna do it!  So you sit down at the computer and start the signup process for Avon.  You're going to make a little money on the side and drop your personal [...]

Lead in your lipstick?

The Times just released an article the other day about lead in lipsticks. Your favorite shade of Marilyn Monroe red may contain lead, according to a recently updated test of lipstick by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The agency found that 400 popular [...]

Simon and Garfunkel and Celiac Awareness

Oh yes. 8) I was nearly in tears laughing.   Artists: ill-knowtice and Mackkenzie Crowe of Royal Empire Productions Lyrics: Oh celiacs You'll diet for weeks You'll be gluten-free You'll feel better Oh celiacs Just stay away from wheat And barely and rye You'll feel fine [...]

I’ve Been Interviewed!

Hey Gluten Free Gals!  Last week, Red Apple Lipstick interviewed me on their blog.  Check it out!