I'd never even heard of mica allergies until one of my readers asked me to help her find some gluten and mica-free makeup. My brain went "Wha!? It's possible to be allergic to a mineral!?" And then I stopped and thought about it and realized [...]

Best Gluten Free Makeup under $30

Quality makeup has always been expensive. But gluten free makeup can be even more expensive than your averagely nice products. For those of us who like to watch our budgets, this is bad news. But the good news is we do have options. Check out [...]

I love chocolate. In fact, I'm a little obsessed with chocolate. I had a long conversation the other day about how I was going to find a chocolate dragon and slay it and take all its chocolate loot. My friend, who offered to help me [...]

Right now, here in Austin, TX, it's an absolute blaze of muggy heat. If you're walking out your door, expect to sweat and glisten like you basically just took a shower. Expect to wipe droplets from your brow and feel a river run down your [...]

Summer is HERE and it's absolutely brutal. Here in Texas, we're frying alive in the blistering rays of the sun. Tonight it's in the upper 90's until the sun goes down. No joke. With all this insane heat, it's time to really pack on the [...]

Welcome to the 17th edition of the Gluten Free Makeup List! If we're being technically accurate, it should probably be The Gluten Free Makeup, Skincare, Hair Care, Body Care+ List, but that's way too big a mouthful. And besides, y'all already know how inclusive it [...]

The Top 3 Canadian Gluten Free Makeup Companies

Once upon a time, shipping stuff from the USA to Canada was a fairly simple and inexpensive process. But in recent years, customs fees have jumped to the point of making it unreasonable to pass packages across the border. And with the US producing the [...]

Picture this: Colorful, polished, velvety soft lips. Gracefully cheery vanilla scent. Effortless lasting power. All through the work of a single product. Yep. This exists. Had someone described this to me, I would have told them it was my dream product. But I had no [...]

As cheesy as the New Year's mantras end up sounding ("New year, new you!", "Out with the old and in with the new!"), there's actually a glimmer of truth to them. Fresh years always turn our minds towards fresh starts, and motivate us to make [...]

What do you really want from a skincare regime? The grandest scientific breakthrough? A price tag to make your friends blanch? An A-list celebrity worshiping the label? Of course not. Nobody really cares about that kind of thing. You just want it to work. A [...]