This Valentine's Day, what are you going to do to make sure it's an amazing day? You could do the normal stuff, like buying cards, giving chocolate and sending greetings over social media. But maybe you've already done all that. Or maybe the normal doesn't [...]

It's been 15 years since the turn of the Century. Weird. But cool. With the first quarter well under way, here's the latest update to the Gluten Free Makeup List! Thanks to the holidays and general year-end craziness, getting info back from companies was slower [...]

You’re traipsing along in your everyday life, taking each day as it comes, when BAM! Suddenly the Holidays. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Holidays. But why does something that’s supposed to be fun end up so stressful? If this craze is starting to show on your skin, fear not. This article is for you.

Tell Me Why You use Gluten Free Makeup

You have an amazing tale locked up inside of you. A story that could help thousands of people work their way to health. A saga that speaks of your struggles and your triumphs.

Keep Your Eye Shadow on All Day – Red Apple Lipstick

Red Apple Lipstick has made their own eye shadow primer and I'm flipping out. I need it. You need it. The girl next door needs it. Everyone who wears makeup needs this.

You already know gluten could be lurking in your makeup. But do you know how to find where that gluten is buried? There are literally hundreds of ingredients that could contain wheat, barley, rye, or oats. See the danger list here!

Gluten Free CC Cream: You can Have it! – Mirabella

Gluten free CC Cream has never been available before. In all the searching I've done, all the companies I've talked to, all the product lines I've combed, I have never come across a gluten free CC cream, BB cream, or tinted moisturizer. Until now.

Lily Lolo is a 100% natural mineral makeup company that hails from Merry 'Ol England and is just recently available in the US and Canada. Their promise is "no nasties, no parabens, no synthetic dyes and definitely no nano-particles and of course – fabulous healthy products!"

Ah, the ever neccessary gluten free lip balm. Everyone needs it and you can never have too many of them. But in reality, it can be​ hard to find a truly safe gluten free lip balm. Having already reviewed Keeki Pure & Simple's Nail Polish, I couldn't wait to introduce you guys to Keeki's lip products. Because... I'm really enjoying them.