(seed) Body Care Hand Scrub & Body Oil

I've been a fan of (seed) Body Care for quite some time now. My first review for their gluten free lotion is HERE. They are a wonderful company, easy to find in stores all over the US, with excellent moisturizing and hand care products. Recently [...]

Gluten Free Expo Calgary Giveaway Featured

Recently, I was asked to be a part of Gluten Free Expo Canada's Gluten Free Bloggers Club. While I'm not Canadian (sorry y'all, but I do love my Texas), I jumped on the chance to be a part of such a huge and exciting gluten [...]

Illuminaré Gluten Free Liquid Foundation

What's your favorite confidence boosting makeup product? Is it mascara? Bold red lipstick? Bright blush? Well for me, it's liquid foundation. I do love a bold lipstick, but nothing boosts my confidence like knowing my skin looks perfect. But finding the perfect gluten free liquid [...]

Simply Gluten Free Magazine March/April 2013

Woo-hoo!!! The March/April edition of Simply Gluten Free Magazine is HERE! And this is the first edition to use pictures from my super-awesome "new" camera. I keep calling it new but I actually got it in December. So it isn't really new. But it is. [...]

Honeybee Gardens Gluten Free Makeup Featured Post

You have been asking and asking and asking for this... So here it is! A review of Honeybee Gardens' gluten free makeup! And hairspray too, to my infinite delight. I've had so many questions about Honeybee Gardens, it's not even funny. When I first looked [...]

When I first made the switch to gluten free skin care, I thought my options were narrowing. I thought I would be stuck using one or two brands of gluten free skin care. When you turn your gaze in a new direction, you see things [...]

Red Romance Gluten Free Lipstick

Happy Valentine's Day!!! I love you all so much. This year, will y'all be my valentines? Any kisses I give will be with gluten free lipstick, I promise. ❤ For me this year... Well, it's a bit of downer. It's the first one without my [...]

ATTENTION: Buddha Balm quietly went out of business some time ago. Their products are no longer available for purchase. I'm terribly disappointed by this...     If you're looking for a good replacement, check out Keeki's Lip Balms.     When someone tells you about [...]

Mirabella Gluten Free Makeup Part 1

Sometimes, through hard work and industrious digging, one can come up with a brilliant gluten free makeup company that is totally safe and totally underrated and nobody's ever heard of them. Other times, one can dig and dig and dig and somehow, that gem of [...]

I heard about Lemongrass Spa just a few weeks ago, but right away I was very curious about them and their products. Why? Well, for one thing they have a fantastic selection. Gluten free makeup or gluten free skin care, they pretty much have it! [...]