Mineral Fusion was the first makeup+skincare+haircare line that is tested gluten free that I ever ran across.  My eye was caught by their blue and brown packaging, but it was finding out that they test for gluten that sent me scrambling for the cash register [...]

How to Make Money with Gluten Free Makeup

It's time. You're gonna do it.  No more thinking and hemming and hawing.  You're gonna do it!  So you sit down at the computer and start the signup process for Avon.  You're going to make a little money on the side and drop your personal [...]

You're going about your business of the day, working, talking to your coworkers and eating lunch, etc., and somewhere in the middle of it all nature calls.  As you leave the bathroom, out of pure habit you briefly check your reflection in the mirror- and [...]

5 Gluten Free Mascaras Every Gal Should Try

The soap in the bathroom gleefully committed the murder of my skin and left it feeling as dry as parchment.  Discreetly, as I listened to my companion's blabber, I reached into my purse, pulled out my old, over-scented, cheesy lotion and applied it over my [...]

This is Part 2 of a 2 Part series.  Click here to read the first post. Even though I love eyeliner for it's powerful defining value (and who doesn't!?), I've lately found myself turning more and more away from the pencil liners.  Not because of [...]

If you search "gluten free mineral makeup" on Google right now, you'll find about 200k results.  Dozens of companies claiming the gluten free label are scattered throughout the pages of reviews, Q&A pages and informative articles.  There are so many of them, that sadly (and [...]

Update:  Himalaya Herbal has changed the name of their "Organique" line to "Botanique".  Same products!  New name. I am SO excited about this!!  A while back, I found Organique by Himalaya Herbal.  They batch test for gluten and every batch that passes the test has [...]

Check 'em out! :D Soon to come colors from Red Apple Lipstick, the gluten free lipstick place! I love I love I love these colors!!  But my very favorite?  Color x4.  It's...  It's wow, gals.  WOW.  Saturated, vibrant, cool undertoned, retro/vintage/timeless red!  I love love [...]

And the “Gluten Free Makeup List” is HERE!

I'm imagining the title of this post sounding kinda like the old radio show announcers.  Like the start of that one down below. Lots of flare, lots of drama and very exciting. And it is something of a dramatic moment, since I'm unveiling several months [...]