Gluten Free Makeup Monday

How to Contour with Gluten Free Makeup

Whoever hasn't heard of contouring has been living at the bottom of a deep, dark well where the delightfully TMI internet and juicy celebrity gossip never reach them. Wait... Actually maybe that's not so bad after all. Anyway, on your radar or not, contouring is [...]

Sunkissed Eyes – Gluten Free Makeup Monday

As spring rolls in, what are you changing in your makeup routine? With warmth flooding in and the sun growing bolder, it's time to shake up your look. Gone are the days of dark eyes and gobs of liner. In comes the bright and the [...]

You’re traipsing along in your everyday life, taking each day as it comes, when BAM! Suddenly the Holidays. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Holidays. But why does something that’s supposed to be fun end up so stressful? If this craze is starting to show on your skin, fear not. This article is for you.

How many times have you had to fly out the door with only minutes to spare. Barely enough time to throw makeup on, but you wanna made up, right? Well Marlena from Makeup Geek has this awesome tutorial that I stumbled across and just had [...]

Vibrant Slate – Gluten Free Makeup Monday

This super simple look came about because I really liked how this natural, pinkish shadow and the slate shadow looked together. I was fiddling around with them, trying to figure out how to use both at once. Something about the slate and neutral sandstone is [...]

Ice Queen – Gluten Free Makeup Monday

It's been chilly here in Texas! The temps are actually dropping below freezing some nights. And for us, that's COLD. 28°?  SNOW COATS, SNOW BOOTS, INSULATED PANTS AND CRANK UP THE HEAT Y'ALL!!! It's winter out there! Having lived in Nebraska for a few years, [...]

Christmas Party Sparkle – Gluten Free Makeup Monday

I love the holiday season. I love the decorations, the food, the local events and of course, the parties! Even after going gluten free, Christmas parties are still fun. We just come armed with our own gluten free snacks and of course decked out in [...]

Winter Shades – Gluten Free Makeup Monday

For the giveaway last week, Monave sent me a set of their Winter Collection to try out. My sister and I both fell head over heels for the shades. These colors are just... Stunning. Luxurious sheens, vibrant and highly pigmented colors, rich shades... Just beautiful. [...]

This is one of those winter trends that make me go "Ooooh yeah!" The darker edges of an Oxblood lip adds a 3D illusion of exquisitely full and lush lips.  It's wearable, beautiful and oh-so-feminine. You could take this look from Winter Queen to Femme [...]