Gluten Free Makeup Monday

Decided to something a little different today. :P This has been on my mind a lot lately and having been asked this question before I thought I'd answer it. Recently, I got myself a pair of GIANT earrings, decoupaged with old comic book pages. Super [...]

Gluten Free Makeup Monday – Mineral Deposit

UPDATE 5/2/2013: NARS has updated their gluten free status and is no longer gluten free. This look can still be recreated with Mirabella's Gray Scale Magic Marker, which is safe. Last week I got my hands on some NARS makeup so decided to play with [...]

Gluten Free Makeup Monday – Arrrr, Pirates!

I LOVE "Talk Like a Pirate Day". What's not to love about walking around Walmart and hearing someone break out into Pirate speak? "Arrrrgh, matey!" Seeing people embrace their inner (good) pirate for a day is just way too much fun.   This year, I've [...]

Gluten Free Makeup Monday – Diamond Purple

Why yes, my sisters are obsessed with purple eyeshadow. They are also obsessed with round eyes and sparkles. In this look, we get all three. 8-) It's a pretty and girly-girl look that is at home in almost any setting. Prep your face with your [...]

Gluten Free Makeup Monday – Smokey Purple

This week's look is courtesy of both my 'Lil Sisters! Sister #1 has been playing with this look for a while and Sister #2 loooooooooooooooooves purple. So this is the result. ;) The technique of leaving the center of your lid a light shade helps [...]

Gluten Free Makeup Monday – Team USA

So who's been watching the Olympics?  At our house, the TV is on almost 24/7, for as long as the Olympics play.  In fact, it's been keeping me from writing as much as I should...  *blush-cough*  But yeah, as I was watching it occurred to [...]

Gluten Free Makeup Monday – Gradient

From now on, Gluten Free Makeup Monday will be a Bi-Weekly series. So next week, there will be no GFMM, but the week after there will be. ;) I've been wanting to try the gradient look for a while now, so finally sat down with [...]

Gluten Free Makeup Monday – Hippie Cat Eye

Another look courtesy of my 'Lil Sis, which she calls Hippie Cat Eye.  That is such a perfect name for this look!  It's an earth tone, warm, soft, summery, organic look, that manages to emulate a cat eye look without any liquid liner.  We use [...]

We found this tutorial a few weeks back and loved how clean and bright it looked. So we just had to do a gluten free version of it. :D Prep your face with your favorite summer foundation. Use any light pink shimmery color you have [...]

And here's a lip centric look! Red lips are one of the most iconic makeup styles of all time, and no matter how many people put their spin on it, it's still classic and stylish. With this look, I kept the eyes super simple, with [...]