Gluten Free Makeup Monday

Gluten Free Makeup Monday – Warm Summer Pink

Pink and peachy eyeshadow is IN this season!  It's everywhere you look!  Personally, I think it's gorgeous, allowing a subtle flush of color without going overboard.  Unfortunately, any time I get even close to pink shades around my eyes, it makes me look like I've [...]

This week's look courtesy of my 'Lil Sis! My sister describes this gluten free makeup look as "young, bright, summery and easy!" Prep your face with your favorite concealer and foundation. Face: Apply bronzer or your "tan" foundation lightly around the outside of your face, [...]

Gluten Free Makeup Monday – Soft Blue Climax

I had something else totally worked out for this Gluten Free Makeup Monday, but something came in the mail Saturday and made me stop in my tracks and go- "YeeeeeHAW let's do something different!!"  Hence GFMM being later in the day instead of in the [...]

Gluten Free Makeup Monday- The 1st!

Have you ever read through a brilliant makeup tutorial only to realize that a key product used was not gluten free?  And even worse, you had no way to get it gluten free?  Yeah, that drives me nuts too.  So I decided to fix it. [...]