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And then I finally got a chance to see what the girls liked so much about the lip gloss.  I was already head over heels for the lipstick, so was totally primed and ready to test out the gloss.  :D The gloss comes in a [...]

The first day I wore the Red Apple Lipstick, it was a day I put it through the wringer.  No lipstick should ever have to undergo such torture.  In fact, I would go so far as to say no lips and mouth should ever have [...]

I'll give it to 'ya straight:  I'd about run out of hope for gluten free lipstick.  There's a lot of pretty stuff out there, but most of it is more like colored lip balm than real lipstick. Which, you know, is great for some applications.  [...]

This is the last post in the Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques series.  *sings to the tune of that line in Owl City's "Dreams Don't Turn to Dust"*  "Lauren Brooke, I'm sad to see you gooooo..."  I've had fun writing about this wonderful company!  Here's hoping you [...]

Pucker up – Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques – Part 4

This is the 4th part in the Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques series.  I had so much stuff from them to review, I simply could not cram it all into one post.  Well, take that back, I could.  But it was one big, fat, long, meaty post.  [...]

Smooth Over – Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques – Part 3

This is the third post in the Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques series.  I went back and tried so hard to shorten my super-lengthy review, but came to the conclusion that this company just needs a bit of wordiness to do it justice.  So I'm breaking up [...]

This is Part 2 of the Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques series.  There's just way too much to say on this fabulous company to squeeze it all into one post and have done it justice.  ;) In this post, I cover all the skin care products I [...]

I ran across Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques fairly early on in my gluten free makeup research.  At first, the less than stellar website turned me off slightly, especially after I clicked a few links in the descriptions that simply did not take me anywhere.  But all [...]

It’s Gluten Free! – Review – Afterglow

From the very beginning of my Gluten Free makeup search, Afterglow has stood out.  Their website rocks, they have all the information I can think of anyone wanting to know about their products right on the website and I have heard many glowing reviews of [...]