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16 REALLY Last Minute Gluten Free Makeup Gifts

Running a bit behind in your holiday shopping? Don't stress! Here's how to get something for every person on your list before Christmas arrives. And we're not even talking gift cards- we're talking tangible gifts you can wrap and hand to your loved ones on [...]

Splash some Orange in your look!

In a perfect world where everyone has Simply Gluten Free Magazine subscriptions, you already know that this is the companion blog post to my article in the latest issue. But since it's not a perfect world, you may not have seen the latest issue yet. If you don't have a subscription you'll either have to stage a black ops break-in to your SGFM subscriber friend's house to steal their issue or...

I'm gonna be real honest about something. It's something that's actually kept me from doing reviews like this in the past. Well, no, not reviews. It's kept me from doing pictures like this before.
Because... I have horrible nails.

Is your Skincare Routine Ready for Spring?

Not-Your-Average Flat Iron – Ferrum

I've been debating for a while whether or not I should expand into reviewing makeup tools. It's not specific for gluten free, of course, but I just keep running into cool beauty related gadgets that I feel are worth sharing. And sharing is caring, right? [...]

Decided to something a little different today. :P This has been on my mind a lot lately and having been asked this question before I thought I'd answer it. Recently, I got myself a pair of GIANT earrings, decoupaged with old comic book pages. Super [...]

Gluten Free Makeup Monday- The 1st!

Have you ever read through a brilliant makeup tutorial only to realize that a key product used was not gluten free?  And even worse, you had no way to get it gluten free?  Yeah, that drives me nuts too.  So I decided to fix it. [...]

Are you looking to amp up your makeup this season?  Pump a little heat into your summer look?  Try swiping on a new lipstick shade!  It's a easy way to drastically change your look without any effort. Here's some blazin' hot gluten free lipstick shades [...]

5 Gluten Free Mascaras Every Gal Should Try