Gluten Free Style

Red Apple Lipstick just released some pics of a possible new lipstick tube. Don't they look high tech?  It kinda looks like something Jane Bond would whip out of her purse.  And it would probably be a real single bullet little gun.  But this won't [...]

My Top 10 Gluten Free Cosmetic Stocking Stuffers

I love stockings!  I love the little things tucked away inside the over-sized sock.  I love how creative and meaningful these tiny things can be.  I love how each stocking reflects the personality of the receiver.  And I love knowing how much care has gone [...]

A Gluten Free Winter/Christmas Look

Every morning, I step outside to take my dog out for his morning stuff.  Bed hair, night clothes and barefoot on the concrete (hey- it's urgent business he has out there!).  But these last few mornings have sent heat-accustomed me hopping back inside for some [...]