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At One Time Secretive, Now a Bit Wiser – CoverGirl

With flashy models like Taylor Swift, Queen Latifa, Christie Brinkley and Drew Barrymore, CoverGirl and its ads draw the consumers eye where ever their products are sold.  Taylor Swift even has a CoverGirl booth at her concerts where her fans can go and get a [...]

Who doesn't love a girl's night out?  What better girl's night out than a night of makeup testing with a makeup artist?  Yeah, we thought so too.  :) This last week, one of the gals at our church invited all the girls to a Mary [...]

  I keep hearing people rave about e.l.f. makeup and have been wanting to try certain products of theirs for a while.  But right after I decided I just had to try their eyeliner, I discovered gluten in my makeup was bothering me.  :(  So [...]

Estée Lauder is everywhere.  Everyone has access to it, and so it was no surprise for me to receive a gift set of their makeup.  So I sent off an email to them on 05/15/2011, asking- Do you have a list of which of your [...]