Ah, the ever neccessary gluten free lip balm. Everyone needs it and you can never have too many of them. But in reality, it can be​ hard to find a truly safe gluten free lip balm. Having already reviewed Keeki Pure & Simple's Nail Polish, I couldn't wait to introduce you guys to Keeki's lip products. Because... I'm really enjoying them.

I'm a sucker for bright colors. Happy, vibrant, glowing, exuberant- these kinds of colors speak to my very soul. But have you noticed that many gluten free and all natural companies tend to stick with more conservative shades? Not that there's anything wrong with that, but...

I'm gonna be real honest about something. It's something that's actually kept me from doing reviews like this in the past. Well, no, not reviews. It's kept me from doing pictures like this before.
Because... I have horrible nails.

Hello folks! I hope you've had a wonderful New Year thus far! Which didn't include a new gluten free makeup list update. Even thought it was a new quarter. Yep. I'll just go... Sit in my corner for that. Y'all may or may not know [...]

The world of gluten free cosmetics is growing rapidly, with various basic products saturating the market just like the "normal" world of cosmetics. Endless loose eyeshadows, foundations and blushes can be found all over the place. However, there are still a few products that are [...]

Gluten free skin care with tea in it. Oh yeah, and it's all natural and organic too. Curious? ME TOO. That's all it took to send me scrambling to find out more. As it turns out,  Pure Skn is a line of both skin care [...]

Gluten Free Look-In-A-Box – Emani

I've had great success with Emani's products in the past. They have a gorgeous collection of vegan makeup that does not sacrifice trendiness or quality for their natural values. In a world of gluten free makeup that is often focused on only the basics, they [...]

So I've had some questions coming in about gluten free bronzer and for a while, wasn't exactly sure where to point y'all. But then right after I started casting my eye around for it, one of my all-time favorite companies comes out their own line [...]

Holiday Gluten Free Makeup Gift Guide 2013

Hey there! Y'all are probably here because of my article in Simply Gluten Free Magazine. If so, welcome and thank you for visiting! If not, well, you'll enjoy this anyway. ;) For  my Holiday Gift Guide 2013, I wanted to put together a list of [...]

10 Smashing Gluten Free Cosmetics Under $15

"Got any inexpensive gluten free foundation?" "Do you know of any cheap eyeliners that won't burn my eyes?" "Where can I get reasonably priced lipstick that won't make me sick!?" Sound familiar? I get questions similar to these a lot. But I got nearly the [...]