Simply Gluten Free Magazine

Just got my copy of Simply Gluten Free Magazine in the mail the other day! :D Still can't get over seeing my name and face in print. It's crazy, y'all. But awesome. This is the Simply Gluten Free Magazine Health and Wellness issue. As per [...]

The 1st Gluten Free Makeup List of 2013

Well folks, here it is! The very first Gluten Free Makeup List of 2013! Navigating the conflicting world of gluten free makeup can be a real challenge. With no regulations setting the standard for gluten free makeup, no two companies mean the same thing when [...]

Merry Gluten Free Christmas!

My dear readers and friends, I hope that today and tomorrow help you to relax, reset and wind down. May the Christmas spirit fill you all. I've been baking like mad, doing last minute prep and a heck of a lot of sneaking around and [...]

Simply Gluten Free Magazine is in Stores NOW!

It's here! It's finally here!! Simply Gluten Free Magazine hit stores yesterday!! I'm so excited about this magazine. The photography is gorgeous, the articles are jam packed with info and cover topics all over the allergy free and special lifestyle spectrum- not just gluten free, [...]

You’ll Never GUESS What Came in the Mail!!

OK, you smart folk out there probably did guess... I knew it was coming, but I did NOT expect it to be so soon! And I may or may not have screamed "OHMYWORD!!!!" upon its being handed to me... *cough* As I began to browse [...]

v4.0 of the Gluten Free Makeup List is HERE!

This is it folks! The last Gluten Free Makeup List Update of 2012! If you've already signed up for it, you just got it in your inbox a few moments ago. If you haven't signed up for it yet... What on EARTH are you waiting [...]

It's the last quarter, folks! And with the last quarter comes the last Gluten Free Makeup List update of 2012. But seriously, the year is almost over. Well, it's really only 3/4 over. Which isn't exactly almost over. But it IS almost over for the [...]

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Angela Haupt of US News and World Report, asking if I would be interested in chatting with her about gluten free cosmetics. Naturally I said YES! The interview was posted on the 11th in an article titled [...]

Introducing Simply Gluten Free Magazine

We have pulled together the internet’s top allergen free bloggers to create a beautiful, lifestyle magazine for people with food sensitivities by people with food sensitivities. These are the people who are not just writing about food sensitivities, they are people who are successfully living [...]

Part 2 of my How To Find Gluten Free Cosmetics Bewildered Bug guest post series is here!  (info about part 1 here)  We’re down to business now folks.  You’re gonna be asking some tough questions, and you will run across companies who either become offended, [...]