Add me on Google+!

Hey y'all!  Been experimenting with Google+ over the last few days.  It's pretty interesting!  If you're on there, let's connect!  Or should I say, "let's +each other"?  Whatever.  I'm still figuring this out.  lol gplusbadge_basedir=""; gplusbadge_userid="118158031411726049439"; gplusbadge_follow_text="Follow me on Google+"; gplusbadge_width=300; gplusbadge_bordercolor="CCCCCC"; gplusbadge_header_background="2D2D2D"; gplusbadge_header_textcolor="FFFFFF"; gplusbadge_background="FFFFFF"; [...]

And the “Gluten Free Makeup List” is HERE!

I'm imagining the title of this post sounding kinda like the old radio show announcers.  Like the start of that one down below. Lots of flare, lots of drama and very exciting. And it is something of a dramatic moment, since I'm unveiling several months [...]

OK, so, technically it's more of a "Gluten Free Makeup, Skincare, Haircare and Cosmetic list", but that's something of a mouthful.  :P I'm writing to let y'all know that I'm going to release it THIS Friday, the 20th!  Last week I was aiming for this [...]