Top 5 Gluten Free Makeup Moments of 2012

Top 5 Gluten Free Makeup Moments in 2012

Well folks, as 2013 has officially begun, I look back on 2012 and realize just how BIG a year it was for Gluten Free Makeup Gal. How big? Well…

2012 was the first full year Gluten Free Makeup Gal has been online.

It’s kinda hard to believe! So much happened last year, it’s nuts. But awesome.

Here’s the run-down of all the best of 2012!




#5 The Government proved me right


Gluten Ingredients no longer Allowed in Gluten Free BeerIn March I wrote a post about the danger of Mineral Fusion’s use of “gluten-less” gluten. It got quite the stir at the time. Most of those who read it were as shocked and unhappy as I was. But some seemed to think I was overreacting, or being paranoid, or something like that. These folks just were not as upset as I was that Mineral Fusion was calling their products gluten free, even though they used ingredients that had the gluten “taken out of them”.

A few months later, the first actual American ruling on the subject of gluten free outlawed ingredients derived from gluten grains in labeled gluten free beer. Just beer for now, but the implications! The STEP that is for our government to say that! I told y’all so. I totally told y’all so. Mineral Fusion, I really hope you took notice.

#4 Gluten Free Makeup Monday was born


The 1st Gluten Free Makeup MondayIn June, I began the bi-weekly series Gluten Free Makeup Monday. This has proven to be super popular! Plus it’s a lot of fun. What gal doesn’t love makeup tutorials? And what gluten free gal makeup loving gal hasn’t read one and thought “Drat! I can’t use that product!” Well Gluten Free Makeup Monday eliminates that moment of frustration.

Bonus news: I actually JUST upgraded my camera too. Gluten Free Makeup Monday will be better than ever!

 #3 The Gluten Free Makeup List was released to the public


gluten_free_makeup_list_5previewIn January of this year, I released the first Gluten Free Makeup List. This is pretty much my baby right here. I’m always adding to it, nurturing it, growing it. It’s a resource I’m very proud of. This is the compilation of the MEAT of all my research.

What gluten free cosmetics, skin care and hair care really are gluten free.

Over 2.4 thousand people have downloaded the gluten free makeup list and continue to download every update!

#2 I was interviewed for an article in US News and World Report


US_News_and_world_report_gluten_free_cosmetics_InterviewIn September, my first big media interview was published in US News and World Report. It was an awesome article! Accurately and fairly talking to both sides of the gluten free makeup debate. Answering questions such as “Is it necessary? Why? What would be the benefits? Are there even any real benefits or is it only for peace of mind?” I highly recommend you go check it out. Really excellent article and I’m so proud to have been a part of it!

And the #1 Gluten Free Makeup Moment of 2012… I became an Associate Editor of Simply Gluten Free Magazine and began to write a regular column for it.


The 1st Simply Gluten Free MagazineThis is the biggest moment of 2012 for Gluten Free Makeup Gal. As far as I know, this is the FIRST regular gluten free makeup related column in any magazine ON THE PLANET. Yeah, it’s historical. And awesome.

Simply Gluten Free Magazine may be the new kid on the block for gluten free magazines, but it has exploded beyond our wildest expectations. Y’all have responded with powerful enthusiasm and for that, we thank you. Thus far it has been an exciting experience and I look forward to continuing to share it with you for years to come.

2012 was truly an incredible year for Gluten Free Makeup Gal.


I want to send a huge “Thank you” to all my fantastic readers! Those who have been with me from the start and those who have just arrived. You keep me grounded, encourage me and make this community a better place. Together we can make the gluten free makeup journey an easier road to travel.

I have soooo much planned for 2013 and I’m super excited to share it with you. Stay tuned!

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