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(seed) Body Care Hand Scrub & Body Oil (seed) Body Care Hand Scrub & Body Oil

I’ve been a fan of (seed) Body Care for quite some time now. My first review for their gluten free lotion is HERE. They are a wonderful company, easy to find in stores all over the US, with excellent moisturizing and hand care products.

Recently (seed) sent me some different products to try, which I was more than happy to do! Here’s what I got to try:

(seed) Body Care Hand Scrub & Body Oil

As usual with (seed), both products smell delicious. The essential oils are relaxing and fragrant, without the overwhelming feeling that artificial scents have so often.

Hand Scrub

I am personally a big fan of scrubs of all kinds. You probably already know that, because I talk about it a lot. I love the feel of a scrub, the gentle scratching, the stimulation, the way it makes the blood flow better. It’s pretty much my top favorite skin care product.

However, I’ve never been that into taking good care of my hands. I guess because they aren’t very prettily shaped? But you know what, even useful-not-pretty-handed gals deserve to be pampered. And this scrub does it. It makes my hands soft, brightens the tone and gently scrubs away dead skin.

Body Oil

I honestly wasn’t sure what I would think of this body oil before I first tried it. In general, oily products are just too much for my skin. I do not have very dry skin, so more often than not oils just sit and sit and sit on top of my skin for a long time. I’ve been known to have oily skin for days after using an oil based product.

But that wasn’t the case with this! It soaks in quickly and smells amazing, giving me all the moisture I need. And less we think that it’s just poor moisturizing, my lotion addicted sister is constantly using the oil too. Her skin actually is dry and the oil has enough moisturizing power to satisfy her too.

I actually really like the spray top too. It allows for a great deal of control in where the oil goes and how much comes out. You can spray out a lot or a little, so only enough for your forearms or enough for your entire body.

All that said, you probably won’t be surprised that we’re using this body oil up awfully fast. 😉

As per usual, I’m enjoying (seed)’s products! I highly recommend this company and now it’s easier than ever to get your hands on their products. They are available in stores all over the US!

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