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ATTENTION: Buddha Balm quietly went out of business some time ago. Their products are no longer available for purchase. I’m terribly disappointed by this…


If you’re looking for a good replacement, check out Keeki’s Lip Balms.



When someone tells you about their favorite product, then someone else tells you about theirs and both these unrelated people’s favorite products are the same… One should take notice. Then when multiple, unrelated people come to you asking “is this gluten free lip balm?? ‘Cuz I reallyreallyreally wanna try it!” one really takes notice.

A brief while later, sure enough, I found out that Buddha Balm is gluten free. They do not test for gluten, however their ingredient suppliers are certified gluten free. Therefore testing has been done, at some point down the line.

Thus comes about this review of Buddha Balm’s gluten free lip balm.

Some of you are probably thinking “Wait, hasn’t she already reviewed them?” Nope, my friends. This is an entirely different company. Just with a very similar name.

Buddha Balm Gluten Free Lip Balm

The balm arrived in a little brown paper padded envelope, made with 95% recycled content. There was a lovely little hand stamped logo for the company in the lower right front corner of the package. There was no mistaking who that package was from.

Upon opening it, there were pretty, glossy company brochures and of course, the gluten free lip balm. Packed neatly into a what I can only best describe as a mini-burlap bag (y’all feel free to correct me on what type of fabric that is in the picture lol). Also stamped with the company logo.

The presentation is flawless, the packaging bright and cheery, the flavors intriguing sounding.

But how was it?

The Moisturizing

It soaks slowly into the skin and feels just. So. Good. I recently had a terrible allergic reaction to something (and y’all will actually be hearing about it soon, because it was makeup 😯 ) and my lips burned and itched and turned red. It was horrible. My first instinct was to get something to soothe it with and Buddha Balm was handy. I smeared globs of it on, because seriously, who cares about overkill when you’re in pain? I felt the coolness of the balm begin to work it’s healing right away. About 15 mins later there was little trace of the irritation left. I had of course been taking remedies as well, but Buddha Balm helped make my lips feel better instantly.

Even when it’s not quite such a drastic moment, Buddha Balm feels fantastic on my lips. Soothing, moisturizing and long lasting.

The Overall Flavors

What’s really interesting about the Buddha Balm flavors to me is how incredibly sweet they are. It’s stevia, so technically it’s about as healthy a sweetener as you can get. So no worries there. It’s just sweet. The kind of sweet that surprises me when I absentmindedly lick my lips an hour later. Or that makes my water taste oddly sweet.

I’m a notorious hater of Sstevia. Only because I just can’t staaaand the flavor. I wish I liked it! I just don’t.


This does not taste like stevia. It just tastes sweet.


Besides being sweet, every flavor is very fragrant. But in a fantastically delicious way. Nothing artificial smelling or tasting in them, which I absolutely love. If I’m going to have something sitting on my lips for hours at a time, I want to like how it smells and tastes. Buddha Balm is absolutely likeable.

Speaking of  flavors…

Mandarin Orange Ginger Gluten Free Lip Balm

Mandarin Orange Ginger

This is the one flavor I can say “Yes, I smell all the flavors that are in the title”. The others kinda blend together, while the Mandarin Orange Ginger is distinctly spicy and citrusy. And sweet. Very sweet. Anyone, male or female, could wear this with ease.

Lychee Pomegranate Gluten Free Lip Balm

Lychee Pomegranate

Very sweet and fruity, but with grounded earthy undertones that keep it from floating off on a pink cloud. However, it is distinctly girly in it’s extreme fruitiness. Not a problem if you’re a girl, but if you’re a manly man needing gluten free lip balm, you might wanna pass on this flavor.

Crushed Mint Pineapple Gluten Free Lip Balm

Crushed Mint Pineapple

Being a mint flavor, this is perhaps the most familiar of them all. It’s sweeter and more complex than most- dare I say all? -traditional lip balms, but familiar. A guy could use this very easily.

Burnt Sugar Fig Gluten Free Lip Balm

Burnt Sugar Fig

I really have no idea where the fig comes into this… lol But it’s caramelly, rich, round, sweet and vanilla-y. Absolutely delicious. I think a guy could get away with this too, but my Dad tried it and won’t use it, saying it’s too girly. LOL! Sugar and vanilla, doesn’t seem overly girly to me…

OK, sooo, which flavor is best?

You’re gonna make me choose!? For real, y’all! Be nice! 😛

In all actuality, it’s hard for me to choose. I think my two favs are Burnt Sugar Fig and Lychee Pomegranate. But some in the house love the Crushed Mint Pineapple, some love the Lychee Pomegranate and still others love the Burnt Sugar fig.The only one somebody doesn’t passionately claim is “THE BEST!!!!” is the Mandarin Orange Ginger. That is probably because none of us are enormous citrus fans, in any application. It bears no reflection on the actual “tastiness” of the flavor.

Bottom line: They’re all good.

I’ve really enjoyed Buddha Balm. Their flavors are fantastic, they moisturize well and they are very well priced. 4 for $12.57 with free shipping? That brings it to a little over $3 a tube. For all natural, gluten free lip balm, that’s practically a steal.

Go check out Buddha Balm!


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