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When I first made the switch to gluten free skin care, I thought my options were narrowing. I thought I would be stuck using one or two brands of gluten free skin care.

But I was wrong.

When you turn your gaze in a new direction, you see things you’ve never seen before. When pushed out of your comfort zone, you’re forced to try things you’ve never tried before. And that leads to leaning new things, finding new roads to take and making surprising discoveries.

Such as…

Did you know that awesome gluten free skin care can be formulated with 4 ingredients or less?

It’s unheard of, I know! And I was kinda skeptical. But you gotta admit- the concept is intriguing.

Arigato Gluten Free Skin Care


I got to try 4 different products from Arigato:

Honestly, the ingredients used in these gluten free skin care products are radically different than I’m used to seeing. Velvet for instance has, of all things, broccoli oil in it. Broccoli oil? I didn’t even know it existed. And Pumpkin Seed Oil- Well, pumpkin seeds are one of the most nutrient packed foods in the world, so I guess it makes sense to go in skin products. I’ve just never heard of it before. Helichrysum Flower Oil, what’s that? It’s a pretty name, but again I’ve never heard of it.

If the only thing good about these products were the unique and creative ingredients, it would be an interesting product to me. But that isn’t the only good thing.


Velvet Gluten Free CleanserVelvet Ultra Soothing Cleanser

My first thought on trying this was how interesting the scent is. It’s not strong smelling, not overly herby, not really like anything I’ve ever smelled before. Then again, the ingredients are like nothing I’ve ever seen before. :p

I have a lot of gluten free skin care products sitting around in my bathroom, especially cleansers. I like most of them (the ones I don’t like I get rid of). So with all the choices I have, why is everyone stealing my Velvet?

Yep, we love it that much! It cleans well, but is super gentle. Like, seriously gentle. It is gentler than some waters I’ve had to use in my lifetime. Yet it removes dirt, makeup and dead skin without problem.


Heli Water Gluten Free AstringentHeli Water Organic Soothing Astringent

Being a gal whose skin tends more towards oily and blemished, astringents have always been a favorite of mine. They brighten my skin very well and tend to bring the clarity that we all seek for.

This astringent is perhaps one of the most gentle I have ever used. It doesn’t sting to use at all. It’s bracing, like an astringent should be. But no sting.

It isn’t as powerful an astringent as I’ve used before. But I think that’s part of it’s gentleness. It strips far less than other astringents I’ve used in the past.

And yes, it actually is soothing! It makes my skin feel calm and invigorated, in a way that I’ve never before experienced with astringents.


Xcrema Hydrating Butter

This butter is designed to use anywhere- from eye area to hands to any part of the body. It’s olive based and so perfectly gentle enough for use wherever you need powerful moisturizing. And it is powerful.

This may be the most hydrating product I have ever used.

I don’t tend to need much hydration. Just a wee bit after I wash my face and I’m good. It’s extremely rare for me to need much more. When I spread a tiny bit of this stuff over my face, it was oily for 2 days. No exaggeration.

On the other hand, my sister (who also needs gluten free skin care) always struggles with dry skin. And she LOVES this. She tells me that finding a product powerful enough to deal with her dry skin is nearly impossible. But this does the trick.

Considering that I’ve never had a product over moisturize my skin for an entire 2 days, I absolutely believe her. This is an incredibly powerful butter.


Wake Up Organic Revitalizing Oil

With a strong, wintergreen and citrus scent, this oil does a pretty good job of “waking you up” with it’s smell alone. But it really does help to dissolve dead skin cells and freshen the skin.

However, this oil does double duty- as a revitalizer and a blemish treatment. And it’s with the blemish treatment that I’ve seen the most remarkable success.

Wake Up has helped to blast some of the worst breakouts I’ve had in a very long time. Stubborn ones that just wouldn’t go away until I began to apply this nightly. It was with a startlingly fast turnaround that the blemishes came to the surface and just healed up. Even ones I’d been fighting for a week.

I love all these gluten free skin care products, but Wake Up is easily my favorite. Anything that puts the smack down on those nasty breakouts! And so thoroughly!


I honestly had no idea what to expect from Arigato. It is like nothing I’ve ever seen. But one thing I know now- awesome gluten free skin care can come from 4 ingredients or less.

Check out Arigato’s Gluten Free Skin Care!

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  • Hey there!

    Well I can certainly understand fragrances being a problem! I tend to get headaches from fragrances too, though not migraines.

    I’m pretty much the only gluten free makeup source on the web (it’s why I started this blog!), however, most of the companies on my list either have fragrance free products, use natural fragrances (like essential oils), or are fragrance free already. I don’t have a list of which ones are fragrance free, nor can I remember them off the top of my head, but I think your best bet would be to start there. 🙂

    Sorry I can’t be of more help!

    P.S. Arigato actually is fragrance free. The only scent are the natural ones from the ingredients used in the products.

  • Lezlie Hope Morse

    Hi, Afton! Lezlie here! I was reading this article, and then went to find Arigato on your list, but it’s not there. I was just wondering if there is a reason it’s not on your list. They look like amazing products. Take care!

    • Oh goodness! Thanks for bringing this to my attention! They are absolutely supposed to be on the list. No idea why they aren’t. So weird. Anyway, they ARE very good products. If you try ’em, I’d love to hear what you think!