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I heard about Lemongrass Spa just a few weeks ago, but right away I was very curious about them and their products. Why? Well, for one thing they have a fantastic selection. Gluten free makeup or gluten free skin care, they pretty much have it! But not only that, Lemongrass Spa is an all natural, gluten free skin care and makeup company that is based on a multi-level marketing system. Multi-level marketing is what Arbonne and other similarly built companies do to sell their products. I love that business model because of the opportunities they give to anyone wanting to work at home. What with the current highly questionable nature of Arbonne’s gluten free status, it’s nice to hear of a cosmetic related self employment opportunity that is more clear on just what exactly they do to keep their products gluten free.

Now, that said, Lemongrass Spa is gluten free except for two products. Both of these products contain oats that are not certified gluten free.

  • Oatmeal, Milk & Honey Soap
  • Almond Body Polish

Now before you freak (like I almost did), hear me out- I almost never approve companies like this. All gluten free except one or two products usually carries with it great danger of cross contamination. I can’t even begin to count how many “gluten free” skin care and makeup companies have told me they were “gluten free except-this-product” that I’ve not been able to add to my list because there were no precautions in place to ensure that those gluten products didn’t contaminate the ones that were “gluten free”. It’s just not worth it to me.

But Lemongrass Spa? Here’s what I was told they do to ensure that those two products do not contaminate the other products:

We avoid any and all cross contamination by using entirely different tools for our gluten free skin care and makeup product manufacturing. Even after sterilization, these tools are never mixed in the manufacturing process.

Now that sounds good. And because of this amount of care that they put into their processing, I feel comfortable personally using Lemongrass Spa products.

All this combined and I was really interested to check out their gluten free skin care and makeup products.

Jill, Lemongrass Spa’s National Sales Director, hooked me up with a great selection of stuff to try. In this Part 1 of a two part review, I’ll start to share with you my experience with the gluten free Skin Care portion of Lemongrass Spa.

For skin care, I was sent the Travel Face Care Kit for Oily/Blemished Skin Types, which includes:

  • Tea Tree Bar Soap
  • Cleansing Gel for Oily Skin
  • Hydrating Eye Creme
  • Dead Sea Facial Polish
  • Tea Tree Face Creme

On the whole, I really liked this set. I do have a fav product (of course, because I’m opinionated like that), but all of them worked quite well for me.

Lemongrass Spa Gluten Free Skin Care Travel Set for Oily Skin

Tea Tree Bar Soap

I’ve actually never used a bar facial soap. That hasn’t been a purposeful avoidance, it’s just never happened before. 😛 When I first pulled it out, I wondered if it would be able to lather enough to even get the right amount of soap on my face. But that was a baseless concern. It lathers up plenty to get enough soap to clean your skin very well. It leaves my face feeling fresh, clean and rejuvenated. Plus the bar itself dries out well and doesn’t get all sticky because you used it once. This could make a fantastic travel or every day face soap.

All in all, I’m happy to say that my first facial bar soap experience was a very good one!

Cleansing Gel for Oily Skin

With somewhat similar ingredients to the tea tree bar soap, this cleansing gel has similar fresh, rejuvenating properties. To me though, this cleanser seemed to do more soothing than the bar soap. The bar woke my skin up, the cleansing gel calmed it down.

This is a lovely cleanser, with no drying effect despite being for oily, acne prone skin. Felt good, left my skin feeling clean and soft.

Hydrating Eye Creme

Y’all already know that I’m pretty new to the eye creme world. I’d always thought they were for ladies who were either staving off wrinkles or fighting them already. What I didn’t know is how powerful eye creme can be for soothing purposes. And for that, I love this eye creme.

I felt definite firmness around my eyes from the cream, but it’s the puff fighting properties that I like best. It feels so good and relaxing to rub over weary eyes. Not only that, it really seems to help reduce puffiness. Since I’ve been a bit under the weather lately, I’ve been dealing with a great deal of that. This creme really seems to help and I keep reaching for it again and again.


And that’s all for Part 1! My very favorite Lemongrass Spa gluten free skin care product is coming up next in Part 2. I will finish the skin care reviews and move on to the makeup I got to try. And one of those makeup products is destined to become a true favorite of mine… Can you guess which one?

Check back for Part 2 of the Lemongrass Spa review, to be published this upcoming Monday!

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  • Oh man, I had not heard anything about this. That’s a terrible shame!

    • Truthful Mama

      It would be a shame if what “concerned mama” said is true, but it’s not. The consultant she’s referring to was let go because of unethical behavior and for breaking a contract. That was HER doing, not Lemongrass’s.

      • Thanks for the clarification, Truthful Mama. That’s sad to hear, but much better implications for the company than the other scenario. Personally I’ve only ever had good interactions with them, so this news is more in line with what I’ve seen. I appreciate you taking the time to clarify!

      • Cassie

        Truthful Momma – so policy was not changed or re-written? Was the consultant removed given a chance to correct the issue?
        I was thinking about Lemongrass as a business and don’t want to invest time and money if one mistake can take away all my hard work.
        There is alot of fine print with mlm companies.
        Thanks for any help.