Hip, Stylish and Gluten Free Makeup – Everyday Minerals – Part 1

Organic, vegan, eco-friendly, colorful and of course, gluten free.

Everyday Minerals has gained themselves a reputation for being the go-to brand for hip and eco-friendly cosmetics. They can be found in the hands of trendy ladies and earth-minded gals alike.
Until recently, all I really knew about them was that they do lab test for gluten. In and of itself, that’s enough for a YIPPEE!! But it was only just the other day that I finally got my hands on some of their products

I have a lot to say about Everyday Minerals, so this review shall have to be split into two posts.

Here’s the first part of what I got to try!

Jojoba Base

This is, I think, a truly brilliant product. By combining stable and healing jojoba oil with their mineral base, it creates a foundation that seems to vanish into the skin. It beautifully mimics the texture of human skin and creates almost an airbrushed finish. Simply gorgeous.

The application of this foundation is a bit more labor intensive than most mineral powders, requiring that you take the time to work it into the skin firmly. Also, because it clings to the skin almost like a magnet, you have to do more “brush to power to face” routines to make sure your entire face is covered, then compared to a normal mineral powder. Not much “spread” here! What goes on your brush at a time won’t cover a very large area of skin.

As for how it feels, to the touch it feels almost naked. On your skin, it’s a wee bit heavier than a pure powder foundation, but it’s nowhere near as heavy as a liquid or cream foundation. I still like my liquids on occasion, but I can see myself reaching for this on days I would normally have gone for a liquid.

All in all, it takes a few more minutes than other foundation and is a wee bit heavier than a plain mineral, but the coverage, the texture and the beautifully natural look are totally worth it. I love this foundation. It’s pretty much blown my mind.

Semi Matte Base

The Semi Matte is certainly the closer to a “normal” foundation of the two bases I tried. However it still isn’t your typical foundation. It applies pretty typically, with quite decent coverage, but it leaves a touch of satin sheen unlike your typical foundation. It might be a bit too much if you have oily skin, but with winter coming on, even oily skin could use the complexion boost this foundation gives.

Be sure to blend very well with this foundation. It tends to be a bit powdery looking if you aren’t careful blending. However, even that considered, it’s not as “labor intensive” as the jojoba foundation and is quite a bit lighter.

Overall, I like this foundation quite well. I enjoy the finish it gives, unlike anything I’ve tried before.


The color they sent was Ambrosia, which on their site they classify as a “shimmer” cheek color. Now, y’all know I’m not a huge fan of super obvious blush. Shimmer blush would therefore be the LAST thing I would ever pick on my own. But I gotta tell ‘ya, this stuff is beautiful. It’s not at all over the top, rather it brings a healthy glow and highlight to the face. I’d call it more of a satin than a shimmer, as the word shimmer bring to mind a lot more sparkle than this blush actually has.

The color payoff is excellent, so using a light brush is a good idea. But the shades are all relatively natural and so being a little “flushed” with these colors is unlikely to make you look painted, especially considering how well they blend out.

I really like this blush and actually don’t “forget” to use it, like I do with so many other blushes. 😛 It’s flattering, gorgeously highlighting and so healthy looking.

Finishing Dust

The finishing dust does a lovely job of smoothing out and leaving a matte finish. An absolute MUST for anyone with oily skin! And even if you don’t, the translucent powder helps to keep your makeup set throughout the day, as well as improve the overall texture.

I have just one complaint, and that only applies to some people. But for those of y’all who are sensitive to corn, like several ladies I know, you’ll want to skip this. The finishing dust is corn based.

But, if you don’t have corn sensitivities, this finishing dust does its work very well and I have no other complaints! For a truly polished look, especially if you have oily skin, the Finishing Dust gives you the final touch without looking powdery at all.


Curious about Everyday Mineral’s brushes, lipstick and everyone’s favorite- eyeshadows? Then check out Part 2!

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  • Krysten Hager

    I love their mineral makeup/powder, blushes and eye shadows, but I didn’t know that they tested for gluten. You totally made my day! And they have lip color now???? Yay!!