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Natural cosmetics. 100% Gluten Free. Makeup free of silicones, talc, cornstartch, dyes, petroleum derivatves, bismuth oxychloride, and chemically coated mineral pigments.

I was intrigued by all the claims this company makes. Natural is always awesome and looking at what Bellus Natural Cosmetics considers “natural”, they seemed to really know their stuff. But what grabbed my attention most was the wide range of products they carried.

Natural and gluten free makeup is probably the very easiest combination of specialties to find in the gluten free world. Natural companies tend to take our needs more seriously, it would seem. But Bellus is not only natural, they have a much broader range of products than is “normal” for small companies. Pretty much, they sell it all and give you several different styles to choose from.

I love small companies, because their dedication to their products and love for their customers is unmatched. In Bellus’ case, I’ve been highly impressed with the support and passion behind it. And I can safely say, their products reflect this passion.

Here’s what I got to try!

Mineral Cream Foundation

Bellus Mineral Cream FoundationThis may be my very favorite product out of the whole bunch- a close tie for it at least. This foundation has wonderful coverage that is easily buildable, letting me go from just barely there to using it rather like a concealer. Some cream foundations tend to look cakey if you try to use them too heavily, but I’ve had to REALLY smear it on to get to that point with this one. It blends like a dream, covers imperfections beautifully and feels good on my skin.

And you know what else? My skin likes this foundation. I put it on in the morning, my skin looks unhappy and angry (*cough* don’t scold, I was on a trip and it’s hard to eat good AND gluten free while traveling). I take it off at night and my skin looks so much calmer and the color is more even! I keep frowning at my reflection and trying to scrub off the extra foundation I must have left on it, lol. But check out the ingredients!

Jojoba Seed Oil, Castor Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Candelilla Wax, Hydrogenated Jojoba Seed Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Mica, Zinc Oxide, Iron Oxides, Silica.

Nice, huh? Much of these oils are what you put in facial serums. So it really is kinda like a treatment in a compact that just happens to cover your imperfections all day long!

Wanna know just how much I love this stuff? I use it nearly daily. Yep, I open my snazzy makeup box drawer with all my foundations and pick out Bellus for those sad days when my face needs more than just light mineral powder. Lately, that’s been every day.

Loose Mineral Foundation

I review a lot of mineral foundations on this blog, as I personally love them and most gluten free companies have some sort of mineral foundation. Bellus’ version has some interesting ingredients that are not often seen in powder mineral foundations.

Bisabolol, the active component of Chamomile, for it’s soothing and anti-bacterial properties. ProVitamin B5 and Allantoin (derived from Comfrey Root), work together synergistically to help repair and condition the skin. Golden jojoba oil aids in the reduction of acne by helping to regulate sebum production and balance the skin.

I’ve never seen ingredients like this in a mineral powder foundation. Cream, sure, but powder? Cool. 8)

This writeup looks almost exactly like the cream foundation writeup, so I’m going to guess that my skin would be as happy with this as it was with the cream foundation. However the sample size I was sent was not really big enough for me to get an idea of how my skin reacted, so that part must be left to educated guess.

For coverage performance, cakeability and overall “normal” foundation performance, I can’t say this is one of the best loose mineral foundations I’ve ever tried. It’s good! Coverage is great, it just tends to look slightly cakey on my skin. Not too very bad, just not the best. But if it can make skin as happy as the cream foundation makes mine, that could easily up this product from eh to awesome.


As you may know, I’m kinda picky about my blush. So much so that I’d rather go without most of the time! Yet I find myself reaching for this product all the time, because of it’s ease of use and great flexibility.

Faded Silk is a beautiful, versatile color for me, easily buildable and blendable. I’ve played with looks from “barely there” to “county flush” and it was gorgeous both ways.

Satin Eyeshadow

Bellus Satin EyeshadowI love love love the sheen on this eyeshadow! It’s a perfect wet satin, even when applied dry. Not glittery, just shiny. Soft as butter, nicely blendable. If you wear it without a base it does crease a little bit, but it’s not a big deal. Mineral eyeshadow practically always needs something else to cling to. In fact, this eyeshadow has pretty darn decent cling in and of itself. It’s never the best idea to use mineral eyeshadow without a base, but in a pinch you could do it with Bellus’ satin eyeshadow.

There’s also a GORGEOUS color selection, mostly natural with a few bright shades popping out and brightening the palette. I think I’d like pretty much every single one in my collection… And it’s actually not all that often I say that.

Wondering why you haven’t seen more of this eyeshadow in my tutorials? *cough* Don’t judge, but it kindasortamaybe sunk to the bottom of my eyeshadow drawer and it maybesortakinda got forgotten until recently… Not because it isn’t good! In fact, I don’t think I’d even used it until the other day. Now I won’t be forgetting about it and you’ll be seeing more of this lovely eyeshadow in upcoming tutorials. Because it’s gorgeous and I wuvs it. <3


First off, check out these ingredients:

Castor Seed Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Candelila Wax, Shea Butter, Orchid Flower Extract, Rice Bran Oil, Natural Flavor.

Notice something interesting? They are almost identical to many different natural lipbalms and body butters. And sure enough, this lipstick is super hydrating and gentle. The “natural flavor” is 100% Natural Tangerine Citrus Flavor Oil, so there is a very light citrus flavor and scent. I thought it was kinda odd in a lipstick, but…

The pigmentation in this is very strange; there’s not a lot of it and takes a lot of layers to get much color at all. Even then, it’s uneven and swims around inside the oils with only a little touch. Because of this, Bellus’ lipstick is more of a tinted lipbalm than a lipstick. And for that purpose, it is excellent. In fact, this lipstick is what I reach for on days when I want barely there color and need hydration. It’s also one of the items that gets thrown in my purse for days when I’m going without a shadow of makeup. With only a layer or two, the uneven pigmentation is not noticeable, especially if you rub your lips together firmly after applying.

For $12, this is a reasonably priced all natural lipbalm that adds a lovely hint of color to your lips. The hydrating qualities and pretty, natural color make it well worth having in your collection!

Lip Gloss

Bellus LipglossLike the lipstick, the lip gloss has STUNNING ingredients.

Castor Seed Oil, Castor Wax, Carnauba Wax, Beeswax, Candelila Wax, Shea Butter, Jojoba Seed Oil, Red Raspberry Seed Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Natural Flavor.

And like the lipstick, it’s a fabulously moisturizing product. However the pigmentation is much better and more even than the lipstick, giving stronger color that does not look splotchy. And even though it’s all natural, there is hardly ANY stickiness to this gloss. I don’t notice it on my lips, except for the thick film of soothing oils, like a ton of lip balm. Although at first for me there’s a touch of tingling involved, that comes from the 100% Natural Tangerine Citrus Flavor Oil I think. It’s not particularly uncomfortable, just an odd feeling. Like I was eating oranges, actually. lol

The Naked Kiss color is very pretty and fall-ish, a bit on the orange side for my personal tastes. BUT this color is totally in this season, so I recommend you grab some while it’s hot!

The other lip gloss colors are gorgeous, ranging from natural to candy. If the pigmentation for all of them is like this gloss, I imagine that each one will look gorgeous on most anyone, blending with the color of your lips to create a sweet shade perfected for you. I would totally consider getting several colors- and in fact, I know of a couple certain people who would be very happy to receive these as gifts… Shhhhh! 😉

I like this lip gloss! I’m not a huge lip gloss wearer by personal preference, but with the super moisturizing properties and the hot hot color, I’ll be wearing this lip gloss even more this season.

Potted Eyeliner

Bellus Potted LinerAnd this is the product that closely ties with the cream foundation for first. It’s like nothing I’ve ever tried before! It acts like a pencil liner, but comes off the brush with excellent precision. It’s blendable like a pencil liner, but does have good staying power. There’s a soft sheen to it, I’m guessing from the Jojoba Seed Oil. Basically, it’s a cream/pencil type liner in a pot.

This stuff is easy to use and fun! So versatile, different and useful. I’ve done everything from clean winged liners to smokey to natural with this liner. It’s only $10, just grab some and try it for yourself. Seriously, you’ll be glad you did. Do make sure you have a stiff liner brush to apply it with- or make it easy and also grab the angled liner brush from Bellus. It’s perfect for applying this product, just the right amount of stiffness and give.


I’m enjoying my Bellus products! I would certainly recommend them to anyone looking to try a natural gluten free cosmetic company. Their prices are reasonable, products very good and ingredients pure and excellent. So check ’em out! You won’t be disappointed.

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