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Do y'all remember that Gluten Free Makeup Monday post I made awhile back with Red Apple Lipstick Gluten Free Eyeshadows? It was done in haste, because I simply could not wait to show y'all the shadows! Now the time has come to give you a full assessment of them.

Because of the length of time between receiving the shadows and reviewing them (sorry! Unplanned!), I've had a lot of time to play with the eyeshadows. Sometimes, getting to know a product better shows you it's weaknesses. You can uncover things about it that a short acquaintanceship just doesn't reveal.

But Red Apple Lipstick's upcoming gluten free eyeshadows? The more I play with them, the more I love them.

The colors are gorgeous, a perfect starter set for the company's new range of products. Most of them range from fairly neutral to brown colors, but there are a few POP shades to take things to the next level. You can go matte, satin, modern or vintage. Applied dry, they can be soft and inviting; applied wet, they can be bold and powerful. There are endless options within just these 13 shades.

But it's not just the colors that have me lovin' these eyeshadows- it's the surprising staying power of them in combination with excellent blending. These are mineral eyeshadows folks, and although mineral shadows are the safest and the most natural kind out there, they do have the downside of usually needing some kind of base to hold them on. Especially when they have any amount of sparkle. But these shadows stay put better than any mineral eyeshadow I've used to date. Fallout and smudging are kept to an impressive minimum with these shadows, making it A-OK to toss some shadow on and race out the door without some sort of base. And since fallout is probably my biggest makeup pet-peeve, this is one major plus.

If I had any complaints about Red Apple Lipstick's Tested Gluten Free Eyeshadow, it would be because of the currently "limited" range. 13 colors is actually quite acceptable for a starting line, it's just that knowing how awesome they are makes me want even more of them. 😛

Update: Red Apple's eyeshadow line is seriously expanded now. My "only complaint" is invalid. Check 'em out!

These are the 13 starting colors of Red Apple Lipstick's new and safe gluten free eyeshadow line:


A soft, pale shimmery nude color. Easily a "wear it everyday with everything" kinda color. Perfect for brightening your eyes naturally.

Violet Vixen

A beautiful, versatile, shimmery purple that can be soft or bold depending on how you apply it.

Blue Jay

Gorgeous gentle blue, fun but not glaring or harsh

Update: Blue Jay is discontinued. However, the replacement color I think is even better. Mermaid Lagoon- check it out!​

Olive This Color

A full bodied green with soft, golden shimmer. Think dressed up camo.

Lucky Penny

Easily one of my favorite colors in the whole set, a stunning shimmery copper that is SO in this summer, but also gorgeously timeless.


Super versatile matte brown, slightly on the darker side.


Shimmery shade that is somewhere between nude and brown and just about my favorite shade of the entire set. So. Gorgeous. And so versatile!


Matte, cool nude color, perfect for just under the eyebrows or as an eyeshadow base for brighter colors.

Brownie Points

A warm, matte brown that so versatile it's seriously a daily color. Great for a crease color, or even a brow shade.

Twinkle Taupe

The name describes it perfectly! A satin finished, plummy bronze that is easy to wear and flattering to pretty much all eye colors.

Graphite Glam

Satin silver with a metallic sheen. With a faintly blue undertone, this is a gorgeous gun metal gray.

Black Magic

Pure, matte, black. It has pretty good pigment, so if you use a light hand you can get a dark gray out of it.

Column 1

Golden Girl

Satin vintage gold with just the right pigmentation for daily wear.

Column 3

I truly love these shadows. I use them just about every single time I put makeup on. They are pigmented, beautiful and wearable.

These shadows and more are available now!

Since the original publication of this article, Red Apple's line of eyeshadows has expanded. These are now only a fraction of what they offer.

So do yourself a favor and check 'em out!​

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