Spring is here (almost) and so is Simply Gluten Free Magazine!

Simply Gluten Free Magazine March/April 2013

Woo-hoo!!! The March/April edition of Simply Gluten Free Magazine is HERE! And this is the first edition to use pictures from my super-awesome “new” camera. I keep calling it new but I actually got it in December. So it isn’t really new. But it is. And I love it. And it looks AWESOME. Really made a difference!

Simply Gluten Free Magazine Mar/Apr 1

Simply Gluten Free Magazine- The Spring Fling March/April 2013!

The entire issue is focused on Spring and children. Fresh and light recipes, travel logs, gluten free summer camps and several talking about children and the way Celiac and other autoimmune diseases affects them.

Simply Gluten Free Magazine Mar/Apr 2

Does that look yummy or what??

My favorite of the articles in this issue would have to be the one by Dr. Vikki Peterson about children with spectrum disorders and how they may benefit from a gluten free diet. This is a topic that fascinates me, though I couldn’t really explain why.

Dr. Peterson address how studies have shown that the gut is directly connected to the brain, and how Celiac disease could actually be a cause for disorders like autism.

Woah, can you imagine the impact this might have on our emotionally challenged children if this method of treatment was more widely experimented with? It boggles my mind and excites me to no end.


And of course, here is my article. I had a lot of fun with this! It’s inspired by a runway look that translates surprisingly well into real life and gluten free makeup. It’s different, unique and colorful.

Simply Gluten Free Magazine Mar/Apr 3

My article! And look- the text is blue! I like blue. It’s my favorite color, in fact.

Yup, that’s right, I’m not gonna show you pictures of the look. Muahahaha! I’m such a tease

Go find Simply Gluten Free Magazine in stores next week, the first week of March 2013!

Or better yet, get a discounted price by subscribing HERE and never miss an issue.

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