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How many times have you dusted on your powder foundation only to find that the mild dry spot by your lip is now looking like a pale cornflake stuck to your face?  Every crack, every line, every rough surface enhanced by the dry powder, while the rest of your face is glowing and flawless.

Honestly, for a long time I wasn’t sure what to do about that problem.  All the options I had were so time consuming and bothersome, I just usually ignored the elephant skin spots that gleefully proclaimed the presence of foundation.

But no longer.

Gluten Free Beauty has handily solved this problem once and for all.


Meet Gluten Free Beauty’s Facial Smoothing Stick.



This awesome stick melts onto any lines, dry spots or wrinkles on your skin, then works to hydrate and help repair them. As it works, it lightly fills in these spots and gives the powder foundation a smoother, flatter surface to dust over.  Dry spots are smoothed away, large pores diminished without clogging and lines filled in.  Plus, the creamy, waxy-ish texture of the stick causes the foundation to stick in such a way that it nearly doubles the coverage.


How to use the Facial Smoothing Stick

It’s pretty rare to find a product that claims so much and fulfills all it’s claims.  But this one does.

One swipe over the larger pores- whish!  Powder applies over and covers them instead of accentuating them.  A wiggle of the tip over the dry spot by my lips- slish!  Elephant skin gone.  I even take my concealer brush, dab it over the stick, dip it into my foundation and use it over any red spots.  Works like a charm!  And with my hard to color match skin, concealers can be challenging to make blend without being an obviously different shade.  This worked every bit as good as the concealer I am currently using, though it took a few layers to get to the coverage I needed on the really angry spots.

If there was ONE thing I would have to say negative about it, it would be the orangey/yellowy tint it has when you first put it on.  But after using the flocked sponge to work it in, the color goes away and melts into your skin without a trace.  Just don’t skip the sponge step (which is for best performance anyway)!

How have I been living without this for so long?  It combines the light freedom of my preferred mineral powder foundation, with the coverage and the troubled skin forgiveness of liquid foundation.

I’ve been waiting for this product ever since I started wearing makeup, but didn’t know it until now.

In short?  I’m never letting it leave my makeup routine.

So check out Gluten Free Beauty’s Facial Smoothing Stick and kiss your elephant skin goodbye!

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