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Red Romance Gluten Free Lipstick

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! I love you all so much. This year, will y’all be my valentines? Any kisses I give will be with gluten free lipstick, I promise.

What is Valentine’s Day to you?

Sweethearts? Candy? S.A.D. (Singles Awareness Day)?

For me this year… Well, it’s a bit of downer. It’s the first one without my little buddy Pippin the Italian Greyhound in 7 years. He was always my Valentine. I’d pick him up, squeeze him and snuggle him and ask “Are you my Valentine, Pip?” In reply, he would drop his head against my chest, or thrust his little nose under my chin, and snuggle me back.


Not that anything could ever replace my baby, but, I have to say… This limited edition little box from Red Apple Lipstick is awfully cheering. Bright packaging, luscious colors and fantastic gluten free lipstick and makeup products.

This was made to give away, but sometimes we need to give ourselves a little something when we’re feeling down.

Red Romance Gluten Free Lipstick

Included in this kit are:


Gluten Free Lipstick

Y’all already know how much I love RAL lipsticks. Red! is a particularly gorgeous bright color, as you see above. Plum Sexy Crazy I’d never tried before, but it’s a luscious wine shade, with copper highlights. Wearable during the day when on lightly, plus can easily be carried over into the evening when applied more opaquely.

In the look I did above, I only used Red! However, I’ve heard tell that combining the two lipsticks creates an amazing color combination.

Mint2B Gluten Free Lip Gloss

The spearmint oil in this gives it a tingle when you apply it, but in a very pleasant way. The icy freshness of it is fun to wear and the color is just gorgeous. I hope RAL begins selling this outside of the kit! The strong warm red, high pigmentation and crisp chill of the spearmint makes this a really lovely product.

I layered this on top of the Red! lipstick and the result was absolutely gorgeous.

Pressed Mineral Gluten Free Eye Shadows

Red Apple Lipstick's Valentine's Day Kit - Gluten Free Lipstick

I am very fond of RAL’s eye shadows, because of the staying power, the blendability and the gorgeous shades. Both Buttercream and Champagne I’d tried before and loved. Both are the kinds of colors every gal needs in her makeup kit. Versatile, gorgeous and easy to use.

Chocolate Martini however is brand new and I’ve been curious to see what it looked like in person. It’s a cool, deep, pretty brown, with big flakes of copper shine in it. It’s interesting, because the eye shadow itself appears to be pretty much matte and only the flecks have any shine. The flakes are so big that most of them tend to fall off before I’m even done blending the shadow. A few do cling on and what remains is an interesting, but pretty color.

I’m not hugely fond of any shine in the crease, because the whole point of using a dark color in the crease is to add dimension to your eyes. If the crease color catches light, it brings that entire area forward, visually. That at least partly negates the idea of deepening your crease.

However, the end result of this color is not overly shiny. As such, it does turn out to be a nice and unique crease color.


I love this little thing. It’s pretty sturdy, bright green so you don’t ever miss it and has an open magnetic bottom so you can fit up to 9 little eyeshadow pans in that tiny space. On top of that, it comes with magnets with sticky backs so you could put a magnet on anything and slap it in there! The organizer in me cackled with glee over that one. Haven’t done it yet, but it’s such a good idea.


All in all, the Valentine’s Day Kit is full of fun and safely gluten free lipstick products that you’ll use waaaay past Valentine’s Day.

The price of this kit is far, far less than it would be bought separately. So if-

  1. You’re needing to stock up on Red Apple Lipstick’s gluten free lipstick and other cool products

  2. You’ve just had a bit of a bummer Valentine’s Day (like me *le sigh*)

Grab a kit and give yourself a Valentine’s Day gift this year.


Update: This Limited Edition Kit is no longer being sold as a set. However, all the individual products are still available, so feel free to build it yourself via the links above!

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  • RedAppleLipstick

    Afton, you always look GREAT in those reds!!!! I knew you would love this kit!!