Who Else Wants Amazing Gluten Free Eyeliner? – Monave – Part 2

Who Else Wants Amazing Gluten Free Eyeliner?  – Monave – Part 2 post image

This is Part 2 of a 2 Part series.  Click here to read the first post.

Even though I love eyeliner for it’s powerful defining value (and who doesn’t!?), I’ve lately found myself turning more and more away from the pencil liners.  Not because of their natural, organic look (which I love), but because of all the hassle that often comes with them in the gluten free world.  Eyeliner is tough to make gluten free;  wheat is almost a necessity as a binder, being very sticky, strong and safe for most people.  It helps keep the texture just the way it should be.  That being the case, companies who sell gluten free versions are rare, quality is more rare and variety is even rarer than that.

Then I discovered Monave’s Pencil Eyeliner collection.

I about freaked out at all those colors!  For those coming in from companies like MAC and Urban Decay, it may not seem like much.  But bear in mind that aforementioned companies are MEGA companies with massive output and cheap ingredient sourcing.  As far as I know, there are no other gluten free makeup companies with this kind of variety.  For the most part, you can get brown, or black pencil eyeliner and that’s about it.  Monave has 9 colors, including the very important but incredibly rare white liner (albino eye pencil, rarely seen in the gluten free world? 😛 ).

To check out Monave’s eyeliner, I got the Espresso Brown color.  Sadly it’s not currently available and I don’t know when it’ll be back…  But!  The color is gorgeous, so deep and so clean a brown.  It seems to be a truly neutral color and doesn’t lean towards either warmth or coolness; any complexion could use it very easily.  There’s a subtle sheen to it that is also very appealing.  It’s not at all sparkly, but softly reflects light in a way that brightens the eyes.

Monave's Gluten Free EyelinerAnd as if the color wasn’t enough going for it…  This stuff is like butter it’s so smooth and creamy.  The lightest touch is enough to make it glide across my skin, with no dragging or pulling.  If I make a mistake, grab a q-tip, dampen it slightly and just clean it up real quick.  It comes right off at first.  But not later!  I sat behind a lady at church who was wearing copious amounts of perfume.  It set my eyes to watering terribly.  Right after service I dashed to the bathroom, my mind filled with images of the wreckage the last eyeliner I wept in left on my face (dark emo tears, anyone?).  Nope.  Not with this liner!  I did run a tissue under my eyes a bit just to double check, but could not detect any sign of bleeding or smudging!  I marched out of that bathroom with a wide grin on my face.  :mrgreen:

Seriously, this is the best eyeliner I’ve ever seen in the gluten free world!  My only complaint is that not all the colors are currently in stock.  In fact, at the moment, only 4 out of the 9 are in stock.  I want ’em all, like, now!  However, because Monave often makes cosmetics on order, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if I were to email the company and they were able get some out to me in a few weeks time.


Monave has really impressed me with the quality of their products, their reasonable prices and what they stand for. I never expected to be so fully blown away as I have been. If you’re on the lookout for difficult to match foundation, excellent gluten free eye liner, or even a gluten free business opportunity, check out Monave!

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  • Jayme

    Just read the ingredients list on these eyeliner products and it says Vitamin E (wheat germ based)…… =

    • Actually, the ingredients for the pencil eye liner are as follows:

      “*Eye, Lip Liners and Concealer Pencils**:*Cold-pressed Jojoba Oil, Castor Oil, beeswax, candelilla wax, vitamin E (rice based), Mica, Iron Oxides, Titanium Dioxide. /Bright blue and Navy:/ may contain ferric ferrocyanide”

      But above that entry is the cream-to-powder liner… Which does say it’s vitamin E is wheat-germ based.

      It’s possible the ingredients have not been updated, but I WILL find out, pronto. Thanks for bringing it to my attention! I tried the cream-to-powder once, found it hard to use, but had no reaction to it. And I do have reactions to teeny tiny insanely low amounts of gluten. This would lead me to believe the ingredient list is outdated, but again, I will find out and report back here.

    • OK, followup:

      The ingredient list is indeed outdated, by several YEARS. All of Monave’s products are gluten free, except for the oat bar soap which is made in an entirely different facility. And that is not gluten free only because the oats are not certified gluten free.

      You are one vigilant gal! Thank you for your eagle eye!