Gluten Free Makeup List Update- 11th Edition

Hello friends! Today we have the latest edition of the Gluten Free Makeup List for y’all to grab!

We have a few new companies to add and some layout tweaks to the list itself. Fortunately no crushing removals this time around! Those are seriously the worst list updates ever…

Here are the new companies!

  • Bubble and Bee creates organic bath and body products, including a huge range of natural deodorants. They also have lotions, bath salts and basic skin care.
  • NEUMA is a salon available, sustainable hair care brand. They have a line for nearly every hair “problem” you can think of, including the rarest of the rare, volumizing hair care! It’s so hard to find volumizing hair care that’s gluten free and NEUMA has an entire line dedicated to it.
  • frank is a really cool company that specializes in coffee scrubs. With international shipping, fun branding and reasonable prices for long-lasting products, I’m dying to give frank a try. Can’t have too many scrubs now, can we?

So there ‘ya have it! Not a huge update this time around, but with some totally exciting companies to check out. I haven’t tried any of them yet, so if you have tried them already, let me know in the comments!

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  • SonicPiano

    Check out Poofy Organics ( They’re available in a small number of brick and mortar stores and their dedicated boutique in Rutherford, NJ. You can also order from their website. All of their products are USDA certified organic and the store owner told me that they’re all gluten-free as well. The tocopherol in the lip gloss is not wheat-based.

  • I’m excited to check them out too!! Me and my fine, super oily hair are also tough to shop for, so I have high hopes for NEUMA. Let me know what you think if you check ’em out!

    You’re most welcome! πŸ™‚

    • Tonya Burnett Davis

      What do you personally use right now for hair care? I have been using Shea Moisture products recently, but am always looking for other options. I have thin hair but it has curl and get frizzy. When I joined Younique, I started using my Glorious Primer when I need a little something extra to calm the curls. What about hair spray? That isn’t an area I have investigated yet to see what has gluten vs. what doesn’t…I have just avoided using it instead for the time being. πŸ™‚

      • Sounds like you and my sister have the exact same hair. I don’t use Shea Moisture because of the avocado (so allergic, boo), but she does and loves it. Nothing else she’s tried as of yet works so well for her. I don’t know which products of theirs she uses, but there is some serum she talks about as working well for calming frizz. And it DOES seem to work for her surprisingly well.

        At the moment, that’s really the only brand I have even second-hand positive experience with for curly hair. I’m personally using Everyone Soap and Everyday Coconut products at the moment. I’d love to try some other Surface products though and not just the styling stuff. Seems like they have something for taming hair, but I don’t remember for sure. Might be worth a look.

        Surface does have an excellent hairspray that I highly recommend. It’s good even when not comparing gluten free products, but in the gluten free world it just stands head and shoulders above the rest (pun not intended). It works for me and your hair-twin, my sister.

        Hope this helps!

  • Oh wow! That is some SERIOUS customer service. Honestly, the struggle of finding a natural deodorant that works for me is the biggest reason I haven’t personally gone down that road yet. But it sounds like I and everyone else with the same concerns should all head over to Bubble and Bee. Thank you so much for sharing your story! That is AWESOME news!