The FINAL Gluten Free Makeup List of 2015!

Here we go again, my friends! It’s time for the final Gluten Free Makeup List of 2015! The safest collection of gluten free makeup, skincare, hair care and body care on the internet!

There aren’t very many changed to the list this time around. Real Life has been crazy so I’ve had less time to contact companies, but even worse, every company I’ve contacted in the last quarter has not been safe. However, there is a backlog of companies to contact, so hopefully there will be a huge update next time! But you never know, perhaps they will all turn out to be unsafe too. ‘Ya never know.

This time around, we’ve got some “winter cleaning” going on. I discovered some URLs were going to 404 pages, so changed those to the correct URLs. In addition, it appears that two companies have gone out of business. If they come back online I’ll add them back, but I’ve been watching them for a few weeks now and they still look dead. So sad!

Here’s What Updated:

  • Replaced some old URLs
  • REMOVED Sappho Cosmetics
  • REMOVED Techniche

I know a few readers here used to use Sappho. Does anyone still use them? And if so, have you heard anything about them going out of business? Their website now goes to this dubious-looking “Organic Makeup Sale” place. But they still sell Sappho “on sale”. It looks sorta creepy to me, so I’m no longer recommending them. If it’s not the real deal, then it’s not worth the risk.

So! That’s all for this round! Not terribly exciting, I know. But hey, at least it’s cleaned up and accurate again! 😉

If you’re already signed up for the list, you probably came to this post because you just got your updated PDF. If you haven’t signed up for the list, get it below!

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The 16th Edition of the Gluten Free Makeup List! (also including skincare, hair care and body care)

Got any companies you think should be added to the gluten free makeup list? Let me know!

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