Hurrah!! – Gluten Free Makeup List Update: 1st of 2014

Hello folks! I hope you’ve had a wonderful New Year thus far! Which didn’t include a new gluten free makeup list update. Even thought it was a new quarter. Yep. I’ll just go… Sit in my corner for that.

Y’all may or may not know that I had a long, drawn-out, excruciating move that stalled everything on Gluten Free Makeup Gal for several months. I was actually worried that because of this, I wouldn’t have anything to update y’all with on the list. But not so, my fair friends! Not so! Despite all the crazy, thanks to wonderful Readers and spare moments, there are still some new things on the list to have a look at.

The changes this time around are as follows:

  • Linden Leaves is now 100% gluten free. You no longer have to avoid any of the products!
  • EcoLips has been added to the list. A neat company with some fun lip balms. They also have a new thing where you create your own lip balm using their site!
  • Think Pretty has been added to the list. They sell only pure “Beauty Elixirs”, serums with several formulations for different skin types and lifestyles.
  • Blue Lizard has been added to the list. An Australian company selling sunscreen I’ve heard is fantastic.
  • BITE Beauty has been officially changed to state that it is tested gluten free. Pretty sweet, huh?

For now, these are all the current changes. But I have some other ideas lurking in my mind that I am striving to put into place as soon as possible. Ideas that will make the gluten free makeup list EXPLODE with functionality. That will turn the list into something powerful, living, breathing and interactive. Sound cool to y’all? I can’t wait to get it in place, so stay tuned for big changes in 2014 my beautiful friends!

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  • THANKS so much! I’m not only a celiac girl, but have DH (dermatitis herpetiformis) as well,so can’t have any gluten touch my skin. This list is incredibly helpful and gives me lots of new things to try.

    • You are most welcome!! I am so glad it’s helpful to you!

    • Miriam

      Mee too and I get really bad itchy and blisters if I use products with gluten on my skin

  • Ashley Teague

    I found an interesting brand called Melt Cosmetics. They say they are gluten free but idk they have some crazy cool colors so it would be kinda awesome if they were.

    • Woooooah…! That company looks awesome! They do have tocopheryl acetate in the ingredients, so I’ll have to ask them about it. Technically, even gluten-derived tocopheryl can be considered “gluten free” thanks to the FDA’s rulings, but some gluten-sensitive can still react to that. So I’ll see what they have to say. 🙂

      Thanks for the tip, Ashley! I hope they are gluten free. Those colors… So cool. 😀

  • Astra

    Thank you so much for doing these lists! Meow Cosmetics is a company I’ve found. They have a very wide variety of products and finishes: foundation, concealer, color correctors, primer powders, finishing/setting powder, contour powders called skinny dippers, what they refer to as an un-bronzer called sunsplashers, brow powders, matte eyeshadows (Cat Eyes), dual purpose liner/shadows (Feliners), pearlized shadows (Ideal eyes), twinkling shadows that I think have micro glitter in them (Modern Eyes), a very wide blush selection, bronzers, super shimmery glittery wildcat powders, etc.
    The only things I’m concerned about are the products the company doesn’t make themselves especially : the eye and lip primer, glitz glue, and the lash and brow enhancer. The first two I’m concerned about the tocopheryl acetate and the last one is because no ingredients are listed.

    When I emailed them about the gluten free status, they replied: “I can answer your question quite easily. Yes,
    all of our mineral cosmetic products are all Gluten and Soy free. You may find our complete ingredient listing here: Product Information I hope this is helpful.”
    I haven’t asked the company about the products they don’t make themselves, but at least this is a start. Hope this helps! (Sorry this is so long!)

    • Sorry for the late reply! But thank you so much for sharing this! They sound like a fun company! But yeah, those sound like products to be concerned about. It’s rare for products like those you listed to be gluten free, thanks to usually gluten-derived tocopheryl. But that is a start! So thanks for sharing!