UPDATE: Gluten Free Makeup List v.7

Gluten Free Makeup List – 7th Edition Gluten Free Makeup List 7th Edition

The 7th Edition of the Gluten Free Makeup List is here!

This update of the gluten free makeup list isn’t as huge as some previous ones, but here are the major changes made:

  • Lemongrass Spa is now 100% gluten free! Previous, several of their products contained non-gluten-free oats. While they were not a contamination concern, they were still of course off limits to us. Now nothing of theirs is off limits!
  • Surface Hair Care has been added to the list! They have a full line of gluten free hair care products, including gluten free shampoo, gluten free conditioner and gluten free hairspray. I’ve tried and reviewed some of their products HERE.
  • Sojourn has been added to the list. They are also a gluten free hair care company with a wide range of products. I have not tried any of them as of yet, but I hear very good things about them!

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  • Chelsea D

    I was diagnosed with celiac over a year ago and have been struggling with a swollen, red, and constantly peeling nose. I thought it was ridual gluten and a result of accidental ingestion (as it swells more then). After doing some research I think it is a result of my loved cosmetics. Looking forward to getting better and wanted to thankyou so much for this list so I can get over my embarrassing problem!

    • Hey Chelsea!

      You know, I bet you’re right! That does sound like it could be your cosmetics. At any rate, it’s totally worth a shot to see if it helps. Many of my skin issues I found tied directly to topical gluten and so do many other Celiacs or gluten sensitive. I hope this list helps you as much as it’s helped me! 🙂

  • Gem

    I have been on the hunt for gluten free cosmetics. One thing, is be wary of sales clerks! I visted a MAC Cosmetic counter as I read somewhere they have a list of gluten free products. Well, they are NOT! I came home and called the company (Estee Lauder) and they cannot guarantee any of their products as gluten free. The same thing happened at a Bare Minerals store. The clerks are eager to sell but their knowledge is limited. I called thst company as well, and again, they cannot guarantee any of their products as gluten free.
    So i head to Ulta to purchase Physicians Formula because their website and packaging states gluten free. Neutrogena also has a list. Not totally thrilled with my purchases, I head over to Sephora! Low and behold, the sales clerk was very helpful. She showed me seversl brands that are CLEARLY MARKED…GLUTEN FREE!
    Check out HOURGLASS Brand and COVER/FX…fabulous!!!
    BITE BEAUTY Brand has some beautiful lip colors as well as OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE COSMETICS! I was thrilled and made a substantial purchase!! I was almost skipping out of the store!
    So again, when a sales clerks says it’s gluten free and it is NOT marked gluten free….RUN!!

    • Hey Gem, you’re totally right about sales clerks not really knowing what they’re talking about! I’ve yet to hear of the cosmetic sales clerks having any idea what gluten free really means. There isn’t any training done for clerks about gluten free, and they simply have no idea. Not sure what makes them think they can say one way or another, but they do anyway. Rather frustrating, really.

      However, even brands that label products gluten free may or may not be completely safe. If they’re working for you, FABULOUS! But if you’re extremely sensitive, sometimes even the labeled gluten free products can have cross contamination issues, or “deglutenized” gluten grains. Physician’s Formula I have not been able to verify what their gluten free policies are. But I’m still working on that!
      Neutrogena has problems with cross contamination, so I recommend being wary of them. They also contacted me once, then when I started asking questions, they stopped all emails and never answered me. Not sure if they got passed to someone who knew the answers and were lost in transit, or what. But it makes me wary.
      Some of Hourglass’ products are considered gluten free, however I don’t know about possible cross contamination.
      CoverFX I have not heard about at all! Thank you so much for the tip! I’ll look into them!
      BITE Beauty is tested gluten free, so anyone should be able to use them with ease.
      Obsessive Compulsive didn’t used to be gluten free, but if they’re putting it on their labels now they must have made some changes. And that sounds AMAZING! Thanks again for the tip!

      Thank you so much for the tips and info, Gem! You’ve done so much research, wow, thank you for sharing. <3