Gluten Free Makeup List v.2.0. is HERE!

Gluten Free Makeup List v.2.0. is HERE! post image

Aaaand here is the latest of all the gluten free cosmetic companies that I currently know of!  If you haven’t signed up for the list already, fill out the signup form to the right-> or if you’re on the homepage, above ^, to get it!  If you have signed up to the list already, you’ll be getting your new update right…  About…  Now.  😉

I update the Gluten Free Makeup List quarterly, but am adding new sites as I find them constantly.  I suspect it’ll never be “finished”!  So if you have a company you love and know it’s gluten free, tell me about it!  I’m always excited to find new companies where I can get my gluten free cosmetic fix.  😀

So!  Enjoy!

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