The 1st Edition of the “Gluten Free Makeup List” is Almost Here!

The 1st Edition of the “Gluten Free Makeup List” is Almost Here! post image

OK, so, technically it’s more of a “Gluten Free Makeup, Skincare, Haircare and Cosmetic list”, but that’s something of a mouthful.  😛

I’m writing to let y’all know that I’m going to release it THIS Friday, the 20th!  Last week I was aiming for this Monday, but you can see how that worked out…  I’m still formatting, tweaking and writing blurbs for the list so that it’s attractive to look at and easy to use, but the first edition’s worth of info is done.

Now, I’ve been diligently working to find gluten free cosmetics ever since I started Gluten Free Makeup Gal, but despite talking with sometimes up to five companies a day, this list still seems very small to me.  Why?  The short answer is because there just aren’t very many reliably gluten free companies out there.  I do not and will not recommend a company that has “a few gluten free options”.  These places are dangerous, due to cross contamination, so I cannot consider them safe.  The only exception to that rule is if they separately test the “gluten free options” for gluten.  So far, only one company has done that (Arbonne).

Howevuh!  I’m going to be updating this list quarterly (any more frequent and you’d likely be downloading “updates” that only add/clarify two or three items…).  I don’t expect to ever be “done” with the list, but I do hope to be able to expand it fairly decently by the next update.


So!  Check back on Friday, Jan 20th and take a gander at the sidebar.  There’s gonna be a box there and that’s how you’ll get your hands on the “Gluten Free Makeup List”.  I’ll post about it on Facebook, Twitter and maybe Google+ if I can figure it out before Friday…  😛

Also, expect something of a “companion post” to the list in the very near future.  I’ll give you a hint on what it’ll be about:  The first letter is “T” and the word rhymes with “resting”…  😉

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