UPDATE: The 15th Gluten Free Makeup List has arrived!

The Gluten Free Makeup List is the biggest collection of all the safest gluten free companies in the body care and cosmetic industry. Gluten free makeup, gluten free skincare, gluten free hair care, and gluten free body care all have their place on this list.

For the first time ever, I’ve updated the design of the Gluten Free Makeup List. We now have a cover image! WOOT! You can see a thumbnail of the cover to the right. The full-sized version is at the bottom of this post, so be sure to feast your eyeballs on that. Looks nice, huh? I wanted it to better align with the look of The Ultimate Guide to the Best Gluten Free Makeup. And that look may or may not have something to do with changes coming soon-ish to GlutenFreeMakeupGal.com… 😉

In this edition, the Gluten Free Makeup List adds 4 new and exciting companies that I’m dying to share with you. It also removes one small company who quietly went out of business. I feel like there’s a joke somewhere here about adding 4 items and tomorrow is the 4th of July… But I won’t pain y’all by attempting to figure it out. Ha!

Now- grab a glass of ice water, sit in front of your fan, and check out the new companies the Gluten Free Makeup List.


Au Naturale Glow

A fantastic company with the best gluten free cream concealer I have EVER tried. Bar none. They have stunning products in general, with a clean and easy to use website that makes it a snap to order from them.


Exuberance Beauty

A certified gluten free, vegan, USDA Organic and fair trade skin care brand. I haven’t tried them yet, but their 100% satisfaction guarantee means that even if you try the products and decide they’re not for you, you can still return them! But seriously, with ingredients as clean and pure as these, I can’t imagine anything less than you loving them. 😉


Honey Girl Organics

This may be the smartest skincare line I’ve seen in ages. Combining the healing properties of honey, the moisturizing abilities of beeswax and the power of propolis, everything from this company packs as much bee-related power as possible into one single product. I’ve never seen anything like it. But the concept has me 100% sold.


Scotch Naturals

You may have already seen this brand in your local health food stores. But it’s now confirmed that they are gluten free! In addition, this nail polish brand isn’t just “3 Free”, or “5 Free”, or even “7 Free”, but they’re all free.  Scotch Naturals is nature-based, non-toxic and eco-friendly. Check out their classy colors and unique technology that is said to make them dry rapidly and last for a very long time.



Just the one company, Bellus. They were always a tiny company, but recently went out of business without a peep. If you have any products of theirs, no worries, it’s still safe! But you can no longer purchase more from them.


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