Gluten Free Makeup Monday – Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed

Focusing on fun but wearable looks with entirely Gluten Free Cosmetics.

This week’s look courtesy of my ‘Lil Sis!

My sister describes this gluten free makeup look as “young, bright, summery and easy!

Prep your face with your favorite concealer and foundation.


  • Apply bronzer or your “tan” foundation lightly around the outside of your face, on the top of your nose and the tops of your cheekbones.
  • Smile and dust blush onto the apples of your cheeks. Use a color a shade brighter than your natural color to give you a slightly flushed, healthy look.
  • If you like using a finishing powder, apply now.


  1. Take a sponge brush and apply Afterglow’s Mineral Eyeshadow in Snow liberally to your lid.
  2. With a tiny brush, apply just a leeeeetle bit of Afterglow’s Powder Eye Liner in Deep Eggplant to the very outer corner of your lid and crease.  This is an extremely pigmented powder, so be super sparing.  Don’t worry, it blends beautifully.  With a bigger brush, blend it into your crease, making something of a soft V pattern with the purple.
  3. Apply Monave’s Mineral Powder in Silver #1 to the inner corner of your eye, bringing it down, around and under your eye for the first third.  Also dab some of Silver onto the very center of your lid.
  4. Line the top of your eye and the lower outer third, blending softly inward.  If you like, add another layer of Silver to the top center of your eyelid.
  5. Apply mascara to the top lashes only.

Finish off with a touch of gloss on your lips and you are done!

Gluten Free Cosmetic Products Used:

Foundation- Afterglow’s Organic Infused Foundation, Cameo, Ivory & Bisque
Blush- Afterglow’s Organic Mineral Blush Smitten
Finish- Afterglow’s Organic Setting Powder Translucent


Lid- Afterglow’s Mineral Eye Shadow Snow
Crease- Afterglow’s Mineral Eye Liner Deep Eggplant
Highlight- Monave’s Versatile Mineral Powder Silver #1
Liner: Monave’s Pencil Eye Liner Espresso
Mascara- Emani’s Soy Mascara & Arbonne’s Triple Action Mascara


Red Apple Lipstick Lipgloss- Ruby Glass

Hope you Enjoyed!

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