Gluten Free Makeup Monday – How to Balance Your Makeup with Your Accessories

Focusing on fun but wearable looks with entirely Gluten Free Cosmetics.

Decided to something a little different today. 😛 This has been on my mind a lot lately and having been asked this question before I thought I’d answer it.

Recently, I got myself a pair of GIANT earrings, decoupaged with old comic book pages. Super cute, super MASSIVE. At about 3″ across, round and covered with busy print, they very quickly took over my entire face, drawing the eye down to my earrings and away from my face. I was reminded of a gal I know who complained of a similar issue and how it limited her earring selection.

Big earrings are so loud and so powerful that something must be done to balance them out. Personally, I plan my entire outfit around my huge earrings. But at the very least, consider how you apply your makeup.


Take this gal to the right for example. Her earrings strikingly frame her lovely jaw and neck, showing off her fine bone structure. Her lipstick is a beautiful bold touch that compliments her skin tone. But together? Far, far too much. She is unbalanced entirely, everything about her culminating at her jaw line and neck.

You don’t see a beautiful woman here: you see lipstick and earrings.

Kim is over the top, but the general idea is correct and flattering

Now, think what you may about Kim Kardashion (I am no fan myself), but she’s on the right track here. As usual, she takes it over the top, caked in makeup, her eyes lost under crazy spidery lashes. But her strong, neat brows frame her face and provide a contrast to her earrings.

When you look at this photo of Kim, your eyes are drawn to her eyes. You probably raise your own brow at the clumped mascara and the heavy use of black eyeliner, but the earrings you see after you see her eyes. Her lips are relatively subtle, giving your eye two points to focus on. Enough to look finished, but not so much to feel overwhelmed.

These earrings are a bit ridiculous; she probably can hardly turn her head. But Kim manages to pull it off by carefully balancing her makeup.

Big earrings done right

But this gal… This beautiful woman has balanced her earrings out just right.

She chose to focus on her eyes, with cat eye liquid liner and possibly small false lashes, giving her a fresh and classically youthful look. Her brows are kept natural to maintain her eye focus. Little or no blush for no interruptions from eyes to earrings. Lips are so neutral you hardly notice them, allowing the earrings to frame her breathtaking smile.

This is big earrings done right. Her face is perfectly balanced, the earrings that could and would take over her face have been reduced to an accessory.

You look at this woman and see a beautiful woman with sparkling eyes and a flashing smile. And oh, doesn’t she have lovely, bold earrings?


How to achieve this look with Gluten Free Makeup

For complimenting my earrings, I tend to use very few products.

  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Two eyeshadows, a neutral almost skin tone (shimmer or matte) and a matte brown that matches my brows.
  • Eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • Lip balm

Emani sells a beautiful kit with everything you need for your eyes, down to the mascara. Haven’t tried all the products in the kit, but I can tell you I really like my Emani mascara.

I do about the most basic eyeshadow routine you can imagine: neutral shadow patted over my lid and the same brown shadow that matches my brows in my crease. Often, I don’t use a brush at all, just my finger.

For the “focal point”, sometimes I do a cat eye, sometimes I do a strong brow. Both looks are lovely, it just depends on what you like and how your face is shaped.

Just remember:

  1. Create clear focal points.
  2. Balance your face with your earrings.
  3. Have fun!


So, what do you think of this different Makeup Monday? Here’s hoping it’s given you a few things to think about the next time you pull out those beautifully giant earrings.

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