Gluten Free Makeup Monday – Warm Summer Pink

Focusing on fun but wearable looks with entirely Gluten Free Cosmetics.

Pink and peachy eyeshadow is IN this season!  It’s everywhere you look!  Personally, I think it’s gorgeous, allowing a subtle flush of color without going overboard.  Unfortunately, any time I get even close to pink shades around my eyes, it makes me look like I’ve been crying.  😐  So!  I again recruited my ‘Lil Sis to model for me.  She looks stunning in pink, and I rather envy her that…  Heh.

Anyway!  For you ladies who can wear pink around your eyes and look gorgeous, here’s a look for you!

Begin by prepping your face with your fav foundation and concealer.  Apply Afterglow’s Blush in Smitten to your cheekbones, blending up slightly by the side of your eye.


  1. Taking a medium brush with lots of control, brush Afterglow’s Matte Eyeshadow in Cocoa from the outer third of your eye to the beginning of your outer crease.  This will of course be different on every gal.  😉
  2. Next take a fluffy brush and sweep on Afterglow’s Mineral Eyeshadow in Diva into your crease.
  3. Take a foam brush and gently pat Monave’s Mineral Powder in Blizzard #71 (a gorgeous light bronzey tone) from the inner corner to all over the lid.  With a narrow liner brush, gently brush #71 under the eye for the first third as well.
  4. For just under the brow bone, use a matte color that’s very close to your own color skin.  I ended up just using a little bit of foundation, and that worked beautifully. Brush that over the browbone, overlapping the pink just slightly.  Then with an empty blending brush, blend all over your eye very gently, blurring all the lines a bit.
  5. With Monave’s Matte Shadow/Liner in Charcoal Satin, line the outer two thirds of the top lash line and the outer third of the lower lash line.
  6. Apply mascara and fill in your brows (if desired).

Apply Red Apple Lipstick’s lipstick in Secrets, a lovely pink color.

And you’re done!

Getting tired of eye-centric looks? Me neither! Haha! But to break things up a bit, look for a lip-centric look coming next week!

Foundation- Afterglow’s Organic Infused Foundation, Ivory & Bisque
Concealer- Afterglow’s Organic Aloe Vera Concealer
Blush- Afterglow’s Organic Mineral Blush Smitten
Finish- Afterglow’s Organic Setting Powder Translucent

Outer Corner- Afterglow’s Matte Eyeshadow Cocoa
Crease- Afterglow’s Mineral Eyeshadow Diva
Lid and Inner Corner- Monave’s Mineral Powders Blizzard #71
Liner- Monave’s Matte Shadow/Liners Charcoal Satin
Highlight- Afterglow’s Mineral Foundation Cameo
Mascara- Emani’s Soy Mascara & Arbonne’s Triple Action Mascara

Red Apple Lipstick’s Secrets

Have you got a look you’d be interested in seeing translated into the Gluten Free Makeup? Let me know in the comments!

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