Oxblood Lips; The Gorgeous Winter Trend – Gluten Free Makeup Monday

Focusing on fun but wearable looks with entirely Gluten Free Cosmetics.

This is one of those winter trends that make me go “Ooooh yeah!” The darker edges of an Oxblood lip adds a 3D illusion of exquisitely full and lush lips.  It’s wearable, beautiful and oh-so-feminine. You could take this look from Winter Queen to Femme Fatale, depending on how you do the eye makeup.

The really cool thing about this look is that you don’t have to buy any special stuff. Most of y’all probably already have everything you need just lying around. But this uses a technique to drastically change the results of an otherwise “ordinary” set of products:

  • Gluten Free Lipstick

  • Gluten Free Eyeliner

  • Gluten Free Lipgloss

PLUS it’s super super simple.

  1. With a brown eye pencil, fill in the outer portion of your lips, concentrating on the edges and leaving the very center uncovered entirely.
  2. With your finger or a q-tip, smudge the liner, creating a gradient of sorts with the outside of your lips the darkest.
  3. With a lip brush, firmly apply a bright red lipstick. Over the brown it turns a deep, sultry red color.
  4. Finish off with clear lip gloss.

And you’re done!

Gluten Free Cosmetic Products Used:

Everyday Minerals Jojoba Base Sand
Everyday Minerals Finishing Dust
Afterglow- Organic Infused Eye Treatment
Red Apple Lipstick Brownie Points

Monave Pencil Eyeliner Espresso
Red Apple Lipstick Red!
Red Apple Lipstick Lip Gloss Diamond Sands

Red Apple Lipstick Champagne
Monave Pencil Eyeliner Espresso
Emani Soy Mascara Midnight

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