5 Essential Tips to Hide Holiday Skin Stress with Gluten Free Makeup

You’re traipsing along in your everyday life, taking each day as it comes, when BAM!

Suddenly the Holidays.

They hit hard and nearly knock you flat with parties, gifts, cooking, shopping, family and friends and not enough time in the day to get it all done.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Holidays. But why does something that’s supposed to be fun end up so stressful?

If this craze is starting to show on your skin, fear not. This article is for you.

Your Dirty Little Secret is Yours Alone

Nobody has to know you stayed up 'til 3 am last night downing a bottle of wine while catching up with old friends. Your body is weary and your face is bleary. You're looking forward to bed with every fiber of your being. But we'll make sure nobody else can tell.

While fixing the problem would obviously be first choice, sometimes that just isn't possible. The show must go on, even if you did only get 4 hours of sleep.

​We'll just hide the evidence.

Your skin doesn't always obey your wishes. If you can't fix it, hide it! Here's how. 

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Lackluster Skin

Too many late nights, too much alcohol, not enough water, or just plain 'ol weather changes can all contribute to your tired looking face. Put some pep back in your skin with products like these!

Dewy Foundation

Illuminare's Moisturizing Mineral Foundation

Not only does this have the perfect finish for lackluster skin, but it covers blemishes with ease and is moisturizing to help combat winter dryness! Triple win. <3

Cream Blush

raw.Skin.Ceuticals' Cheek Creme Blush

Lending a soft, liquid sheen, cream blush has a way of appearing to shimmer from beneath your skin. Ramp up the glow with the swipe of a finger.


Cracked Lips

"Yay chapped lips!!" said nobody ever. Nasty, icky lips that make you want to nibble them, even though you know you shouldn't because it'll only make them worse. So how about we hide and heal them at the same time?

Moisturizing Lip Gloss

Red Apple Lipstick's Lip Glosses

Red Apple's glosses are shiny, moisturizing and beautiful. Let the slick sheen hide your cracked lips, the natural oils moisturize and protect, and the gorgeousness boost your confidence.

Lip Tint (that acts like lip balm)

Keeki Pure and Simple's Shimmer Stick

Need tons of moisturizing, but don't want to give up that polished look? Grab yourself some lip tints and get the best of both worlds! Gorgeous colors, lots of moisturizing power.


Dry Skin

Indoor heating is lovely, isn't it? But such a difference from the biting winter winds outside. With all the bouncing we do from one extreme to another, dry skin may be everyone's most common winter woe. So try some double duty foundations that moisturize and cover at the same time.

Moisturizing CC Cream

Mirabella's CC Creme

With a wallop of moisturizing power from avocado oil, bamboo water and apple water, this creme blends the best of BB creams hydration and liquid foundations coverage. Seriously, grab yourself a bottle.

Full Coverage Protection

Lauren Brooke Cosmetique's Creme Foundation

Based in beeswax and argan oil, this foundation is like a facial treatment and protective mask all in one. Beat the wind with this foundation that covers, defends and nourishes all at once.


Red, Discolored Skin

Now you've gone and done it. One cocktail too many and your face is still red. Also, you knew eating too much of that dip would make your face all splotchy. But you did it anyway because it was just. So. GOOD. Fine, let's snag some superior coverage foundation and fix you up.

Totally Full Coverage

Illuminare's Concealing Foundation

One of the most powerfully covering foundations I've ever tried. The only downside is the limited color palette. You might need to purchase two and mix them!

Airbrush Away

TEMPTU's Airbrush Foundation Kit

Yes. Gluten free airbrush makeup exists. If your skin is really bad and you have tons of holiday photos for which to pose, this at-home kit can make your skin as perfect as a celebrity's on the red carpet.


Puffy, Dark Eyes

Catching up family is way more important than sleep. Right? Right. So is getting that last pie out of the oven so it'll be ready for tomorrow. But your eyes won't thank you for your priority changes. So let's fight back by masking them so well even Batman would be jealous.

Strong Concealer

Pure Skn's Liquid Concealer

One of the best, most powerful concealers I've ever used. Cover those circles, or blemishes, or darkest sins, and be confident it won't come to light until you're ready to reveal it. 😉

Smokey Eyes

Honeybee Garden's Smokey Eyes Palette

If you just can't seem to cover those rings enough, try a different tactic. How about Redirection? The favorite trick of the magician, you can use it yourself. Distract from those rings by smoking out your eyes on purpose.

I really do love this festive season. It's beautiful, it's joyful, it's filled with amazing food. But it can also run you over like a train and leave you groaning on the tracks.

Don't let the Holidays do a number on you skin. You should do a number on the Holidays. 😉

Do you have any tips for covering up holiday stress? Let me know in the comments below!

Photo Credit: tankgirlrs via Compfight cc

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  • ruthinthedesert

    I am looking for a BB or CC cream that is gluten free and aluminum free.

    • Then this CC cream should do the trick! http://gfmg.us/cccream

      • ruthinthedesert

        It does contain alumina.

        • Oooh I see now. Sorry, totally missed that earlier. Unfortunately, this is the only truly gluten free CC creme that I know of. There are some from companies who use “gluten removed” gluten ingredients, or that have potential cross-contamination issues. But this is the only one that is 100% safe.