Vibrant Slate – Gluten Free Makeup Monday

Focusing on fun but wearable looks with entirely Gluten Free Makeup.

This super simple look came about because I really liked how this natural, pinkish shadow and the slate shadow looked together. I was fiddling around with them, trying to figure out how to use both at once. Something about the slate and neutral sandstone is really lovely together. Both are from Lemongrass Spa, a gluten free makeup and skincare company I have just discovered. Thus far I seriously enjoying them. Expect a review of them later this week!

The two colors together bring an organic, neutral and flattering look for any eye color or skin tone. I spiced it up with bright pink lip gloss and flushed cheeks to keep the gray from dampening the look. If you have a lot of natural color to your skin and eyes (like me), you could get away with less color in the lips and cheeks. However, I still really like the balancing effect adding the pop of pink gives.

By the way, the gloss is also a new product I just got in and y’all are gonna love and I mean seriously love it. Review for that as well is also coming up!

But for now, enjoy the look!

Gluten Free Makeup Monday

Start out with your favorite concealer and foundation.

  1. With Lemongrass Spa’s Dazzle, a lovely pinkish, frosty nude, pat all over your lid. It’s hard to see in the pictures, because it is such a nude color. But it’s there!
  2. Take the Silver Sky with your finger and dab it into your crease. Blend. This shadow is highly pigmented and once it hits the lid, doesn’t like to move. It has some seriously powerful staying power because of this, just don’t be discouraged if it takes a bit more effort to blend. As you can see in the next picture, I ended up blending it even further after I took the one for this step.
  3. With the foundation you used for your face, blend under your brow. Use this step to finalize the blending and shaping of the gray shadow.
  4. With Silver Sky, line all around your eye. I’m not usually a fan of liner all around the eye, but I really liked it with this gray color. It was naturally intense, if that even makes sense. … Oh look, I rhymed! 😛
    See how sharp and clean those lines are? It stayed that way for an astonishing long time. Typically, when you use powder to line your eyes, you can expect quite a bit of smudging. It can look lovely, you just plan ahead for it. This shadow held it’s shape surprisingly well. So if you prefer a smokier look, take this step to blend it yourself.

Finish off the eyes with black mascara.

For the face:

  1. Apply pink blush to your cheekbones.
  2. Apply bright pink gloss to your lips.

And you’re done with your gluten free makeup look!

Had a lot of fun with this look. I know it’s simple, but I just really like these colors together. It would be almost naked without the gray shadow as the liner. Or you could really smoke it up by using lots of gray shadow in the crease and working it up closer to the brows. Just play with it. They are lovely together.

Gluten Free Cosmetic Products Used:

RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-Up
Everyday Minerals Jojoba Base, Sand
Everyday Minerals Semi Matte Base, Sandy Medium
Mirabella Eye Colour Matte , Melancholy
Everyday Minerals Blush, Ambrosia

Lemongrass Spa Sheer Minerals eyeshadow, Dazzle
Lemongrass Spa Sheer Minerals eyeshadow, Silver Sky
Lemongrass Spa Sheer Minerals Organic Mascara

Mirabella Colour Luxe Flicker

Hope you’ve enjoyed this gluten free makeup look! If you have a look you’d like to see translated into gluten free makeup, let me know in the comments!

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