Baby that skin! – Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques – Part 2

Baby that skin!  –  Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques  –  Part 2 post image

This is Part 2 of the Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques series.  There’s just way too much to say on this fabulous company to squeeze it all into one post and have done it justice.  😉

In this post, I cover all the skin care products I tried.


Organic Facial Serum

I honestly don’t use facial serum all that much. My skin doesn’t tend to get dry very often and I don’t much care for that “oily” feeling right before I go to bed. But Lauren Brooke’s Serum is completely changing my mind. When I put it on my skin at night, it spread over thinly, did not leave a heavy film on my face and began to soak in even before I got into bed. The next morning, my skin was more smooth and soft than with any other type of serum I have ever tried! I am totally impressed. This is something I would like to have on hand at all times.


Body Butter- Orange Vanilla

One word: YUM! Super hydrating, very fast at soaking into my skin, luxuriously silky, extremely gentle and purely yummy. I am in love. 😀 I use it on my problem skin and it soothes and smooths immediately like the very very best of the best in body butters. I use it on my slightly chapped skin and it softens and still soaks in without leaving an oily residue. I even let my sister use it when she was temporarily devoid of her favorite chap stick. Because it’s all natural, it was perfectly fine for her to use on her lips. According to her, it worked and she “liked it”. That’s coming from the most incredibly picky person I think I have ever met. 😛

The only thing I didn’t just love is the scent and that’s totally personal preference. It smells like orange candy to me and I just don’t like orange candy. But my little dog loves orange candy and when he smelled the body butter, he went nuts. LOL! And no, I didn’t let him eat it, thank you very much. Though it wouldn’t hurt him in the slightest, I love it way too much to share.


Check back early next week for the next installment in the Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques series!  *insert Old Time Radio show cheerful organ music*  😛

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