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Got to try some new Bellus stuff the other day! And I have to say, these two products are sooo much fun.

Satin Eyeshadow- Chilled Grapes

I tried one of the other colors from Bellus’ satin gluten free eyeshadows, since they are one of the few gluten free makeup companies who actually carries a satin finish. It was a lovely smokey grey color and I liked it a lot. But this Chilled Grapes? Ooooh man.

I really couldn’t get a picture to do the color justice. This picture from their site doesn’t really do it justice. It’s a delicate, pale, natural looking, gorgeous color. It’s the kind of purple you can swash over your entire lid and it wouldn’t make someone go “Oh, she’s wearing… Purple eyeshadow…” It’s more a pick-me-up shade, “She’s looking cheery today”. It’s just beautiful. With that luxurious satin finish, it lifts and adds just enough shine that it’s noticeable you have bright eyes today, but not a “oh, sparkle!” look.

The fall-out isn’t noticeable at all and it has pretty good staying power. A base would still help this stay at its best, of course. But this is the kind of shadow and the kind of shade that you’d do just fine to dash it on in a hurry and not worry about a base.

All the gals who’ve seen it have just oooh’d and ahhhh’d over the shadow. My purple loving sister is head over heels for it, utterly and totally. Really, I think it’s safe to say they all are!

I can see myself wearing this shadow way too much in the coming months.

“Baby it’s cold outside…”
“I don’t care I’ve got purple on.”

Satin Complexion Enhancer

Yes, this does exactly what it says it does. It goes over your foundation to give your skin a dewy, satin finish.

I know Bellus isn’t the first company to have a product that gives an honest-to-goodness silk satin finished look, (though they may be one of the few gluten free ones) but I’ve never actually played with one before. This true silk satin look is simultaneously odd and awesome to me. It gives a real glow to your skin, almost to the point of looking unnatural. I mean, who has skin that gorgeous!? It’s unreal and it’s awesome. But not over the top either.

The finishes do have quite a bit of color, so choose your shade wisely. I rather expected them to have a bit less color, considering that there are only three shades. However, I think three shades is just fine as long as you are careful to get the one closest to your shade.

Satin finishes were totally in for Fall. As we transition into Winter, the “experts” are saying matte is going to be all the rage. What!? Who wants dull, flat skin in the middle of winter? Personally, I think with winter coming on, this satin enhancer is a must have. You can use your favorite mineral foundation, no matter the finish, and still get that dewy, youthful look.

Go check Bellus out and beat the nasty winter dryness!

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