Smooth Gluten Free Cream Eye Liner & Unique Gluten Free Lipstick – Illuminaré – Part 2

This is Part 2 of a 2 part series. Read Part 1 here.

After really loving the Illuminaré gluten free liquid foundation, I was excited to check out the other two products they sent:


Beyond Black Everlasting Eyeliner

I thought at first the Beyond Black Everlasting Eyeliner was a gel liner. Not sure where I got the idea because as it turns out, it’s a cream liner.

I’m gonna be honest- I haven’t often played with cream liners before. Pencil and liquid have always been my go-to. But there is something to be said about the creamy, blendable nature of Illuminaré’s cream eye liner. It’s easy to spread this over large areas, or deep into the lash line. Super creamy, super blendable. I really need to get better at using it because every little flick takes a streak of jet black product with it. But with excellent staying power and almost no smudge once dried, I end up turning to this liner quite frequently.

All Day Mineral LipColor

Initially, I was fascinated by this because this product is essentially Illuminaré’s lipstick. They have a gloss too, but this is the opaque, firmer, less glossy variety.

Unfortunately, I had an instant allergic reaction to the lipcolor, that lined up with the early symptoms of anaphylaxis. My throat began to swell up and I felt lightheaded. I immediately wiped my mouth clean, washed it under water, scrambled for homeopathic remedies and any real harm was completely avoided.
This happened to me only once before, with Arbonne’s lip gloss. But I never figured out why. It’s not gluten- I know what my gluten symptoms are, inside and out. Whatever it is, it’s just me and completely unrelated to the gluten factor. The is that this means I can’t actually review the product for y’all. 🙁

My sister, however, really likes the lipcolor. She found it to be decently lasting and simply loved the color. When I told her she could have it, she was quite pleased.

One thing I’d like to point out though: Most of Illuminaré’s products are paraben free, but this lipcolor is not. If parabens make you nervous, this is not the product for you. If you don’t mind parabens, the reasonable $16 price tag makes this an easy YES to try out. It’s tough to find reasonably priced, gluten free lip products and this seems to be a pretty good option.


All in all, I’m enjoying Illuminaré’s products. While their foundation is certainly their star product, the other products and tools I got to try were unique and interesting and I’m enjoying using them (minus the lipcolor, which my sister is now enjoying. Ha!).

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  • Irene

    Hi Make-up Gal, What are your symptoms when you use a lipstick or other make-up products that may have gluten? I have just figured out that I am sensitive to gluten containing food and not sure if my lipstick, toothpaste are also affecting me.

    • Hey Irene,

      Well, it’s gonna depend on the person. A lot of people feel actually glutened, such as the normal symptoms when they ingest gluten. Others have spoken of symptoms like dry, cracking, or peeling lips. One gal gained inflammation and her lips actually began to peel.

      Really, the only way to know for /sure/ is to know your body and pay attention to your particular signals. I do /highly/ recommend moving to gluten free lipstick ASAP no matter what, but until you understand your individual symptoms better, you may not even be able to tell whether or not any other makeup products affect you. For instance, some people can use foundation with gluten in no problem, but others will find an influx of acne, or rashes, or headaches.

      But no matter what, if you’re sensitive to gluten internally, lipstick is going to be a trigger. It’s on your lips, it goes in your mouth. So I strongly recommend you do replace all your lipsticks ASAP. 🙂