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Lemongrass Spa’s Herbal Gluten Free Foot Care Kit

As sandal weather hits us hard, the same thought crosses every gal’s mind (and perhaps a lot of guy’s minds too)… If we’re gonna bare our tootsies, we need to clean them up a bit. For us gluten free folk, this could be easier said than done. Gluten lurks in many key ingredients for foot care, so we have to be vigilant. Gluten free foot care may not be easy to find, but it is important if you have reactions to topical gluten.

I searched everything for foot products and was starting to get discouraged. Until, that is, I had a glimmer of remembrance from the last time I browsed Lemongrass Spa’s website

And sure enough! Look what I found! Lemongrass Spa has an entire gluten free foot care kit!

They actually have two kits, but I chose the Herbal Foot Kit because it sounded right up my alley.

Lemongrass Spa’s Herbal Foot Kit contains peppermint and spearmint, both of which stimulate circulation in addition to tea tree essential oil, which deodorizes and freshens feet. This is the perfect choice for anyone wanting tingly, rejuvenated feet!

Lemongrass Spa Herbal Gluten Free Foot Care

The kit includes these three products:

Packaged in a clear bag along with a towel, a dual-sided foot brush and pumice stone.

Overall, I loved how this gluten free foot care kit made my feet feel.

It scrubbed well, felt yummy and made my feet feel soft and fresh.

Herbal Foot Soak

The scent, the warmth and the relaxing feel of the herbs and salts on my skin would have made this a lovely soak, even if it hadn’t softened the calluses on my feet. 😉

Walnut Foot Scrub

Y’all know how much I love scrubs. This walnut scrub was much bulkier than I’m used to, but it felt so good on my skin. Rubbing off the dead skin and gently eating away at the calluses. I suspect that weekly usage would be optimum, because while it absolutely made a difference, my neglected feet could use another scrub session. Of course, considering that if it’d been able to get rid of all the calluses it would be an impossibly harsh product, that is certain a very good thing.

Peppermint Foot Balm

I admit, out of all the things I’ve ever done for my feet, putting a balm on them has never quite happened. Why? I don’t know. Just never have. But this felt so yummy, it really makes me wonder what took me so long. The peppermint oils leave a delicious tingling sensation behind, while the balm’s strong moisturizing finishes off the work of the previous two products.
I’ll admit, I’ve never been all into the foot pampering thing as a relaxation technique. To me, it’s always been a means to an end: Clean up so I can wear sandals without being embarrassing. But I greatly enjoyed the 20-30 mins of herbs, relaxation and “getting to my goal”. I suppose it was the scent? Or maybe just how plain good it felt?

For whatever reason you like to pamper your feet, Lemongrass Spa’s Herbal Gluten Free Foot Care Kit does a lovely job. Go check it out!

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