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Londontown Gluten Free Nail Polish

“This post about gluten free nail polish is brought to you by readers like you!”

Haha, actually, I did find out about LONDONTOWN from a reader. 😉 She contacted me one day, asking if I knew anything about them. I’d never heard of them, but of course hopped on their website to check ’em out. As it turns out, not only are the gluten free nail polish colors gorgeous, but the entire line is dedicated to being natural, free of chemicals and healing to nails.

Now… I tend to have poor nails. They break, chip and flake just enough so that I can’t grow them out to any length. This also keeps me from wearing much polish, because I’m paranoid about making them even worse than they already are.

So with products that work to heal the nail while making them beautiful at the same time, LONDONTOWN is right up my alley.

LONDONTOWN Gluten free nail polish, nail hardener and top coat

So I got to try the Holy Trinity of LONDONTOWN’s products (© of coinage to me. Pfft, no, I kid. :P). When used together, this trio strengthens, conditions, prettifies and protects all at once.

kur: Nail Hardener

Used as a base coat, this product has minimal scent, a low profile and works as well as a college student with a paper due tomorrow. It’s perfectly clear, even when dried, with a slightly tacky texture that I suppose aids in the sticking of the nail polish on top.

lakur: Thames from the Eye

Thick, creamy and with tons of pigment, this is some intensely gorgeous nail polish. I have to admit to not being a very good applier of nail polish, but despite my ineptitude, this stuff still dried to a remarkably smooth surface. (And by the way, if you’re wondering why I don’t do nail pictures- that’s why. Y’all don’t wanna see my attempts at applying nail polish in full HD. I promise.)

kur: Protective Top Coat

Finishing off, this top coat adds shine and evens out the texture and color. It also significantly lengthens the life of the polish. I’ve tried lots of top coats and this one is easily one of the best I’ve ever used!


Ah, but the kicker… Do they actually strengthen like they say?

Well… The short answer is yes.

My nails truly were stronger after I removed the nail polish. There was no weakening, no brittleness, no yellowness. And the benefits lasted a while after the polish was gone too! So regular usage of this polish would not ruin my nails, but rather make them better.

I’ve really enjoyed using LONDONTOWN’s products. They are not inexpensive, but they pack a whole lot more punch than your average gluten free nail polish or nail care products. And anyway, isn’t healing + prettifying nail polish worth a shot at most any price? 😉

Get your LONDONTOWN products here!

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