Gluten Free Skin Care from Australian – Mukti – Part 1

Mukti Gluten Free Skin Care gift set

When I received an email asking if Mukti Botanicals had gluten free skin care, I was intrigued. The name is just too cute (you say it mook-tee, not muck-tee, like I was thinking)! But it was their philosophy that really caught my eye.

For over a decade, Mukti has created chemical free beauty products from quality certified organic ingredients that have been carefully selected to work synergistically with the skin.

You can read more about their goals here.

They have recently become an entirely gluten free skin care company, having previously had one product with oats. Even then, they kept the oats separate from the rest of their products and were careful with any possible cross contamination. That product has now been discontinued and Mukti is an all gluten free line.

I got to try a whole slew of Mukti products, shipped all the way from Down Under. That was a fun box to get. 😛 Anyway, there’s lots of  things to talk about, so this review will be in two parts.

For the first part of the review, the Balancing Gluten Free Skin Care Gift Set.

Gluten Free Skin Care Mukti

First off, I love how this set is packaged. The bag is so cute!! And the little washcloth with the company name on it is a neat touch. I love the little bottles and how they neatly fit into the bag. Presentation is utterly flawless. Which isn’t of course a deal breaker or anything, it’s just very a pleasant experience to unpack it all.

Gentle Foaming Cleanser

What I love about this cleanser is how fresh it makes my skin feel. It leaves a faint tingling sensation after rubbing it into my skin. I’m pretty certain that it leaves my face looking lighter and more evenly toned than before I washed it. I keep staring into the mirror and wondering if it’s just a trick of the water in my eyes. lol But no, my skin looks calmer and happier after just this cleanser.

It is a gentle cleanser, never stripping my face. I don’t feel like I absolutely must put some oil on or something afterwards, yet I still feel clean. However if there is a raw spot on my face somewhere it does sting quite a bit. Not unusual with cleansers of course, but that is the only time it doesn’t feel totally gentle.

Also, it’s SUPER concentrated. I’m used to concentrated gluten free skin care products, yet I still manage to keep putting too much of Mukti’s product in my hands. Serious concentration.

Refreshing Hydrating Mist Toner

Ahhh, I love toners. That spritz of mist can be a real pick me up to both skin and mood. This one has a brisk, herb-y scent that kinda reminds me of some of the essential oil based cleaners Mom used to buy when I was very little. Not a bad thing, just kinda funny. It feels yummy and leaves my skin feeling invigorated and fresh.

Balancing Facial Crème

Now y’all probably know this by now, but I tend to shy away from deep moisturizers. It’s just too much for me. My skin produces enough oil on its own without extra help. However I have had great success with balancing-type moisturizers. This one? Easily my favorite moisturizing creme yet.

It feels good, moisturizes without making my skin oily and has not caused any sort of breakout. Y’all, I actually like using this stuff. Shocking, I know, but it is the truth. This is a fabulous moisturizer for anyone who has trouble with getting too oily, or with acne issues.

Kakadu Plum & Honey Hydrating Masque

The texture of this mask is kinda like a gel, but it melts once you put it on your skin. A little goes a looong way, as with everything else of Mukti. It smells lovely, feels soothing and doesn’t dry into a painfully stiff mask. After washing it off, my skin felt super soft, fresh and hydrated.

But there’s a lot more to this mask than just refreshing:

The Mukti kakadu plum and honey masque is suitable for normal/dry/dull and mature skin types and is designed to rejuvenate, hydrate and balance the skin. This unique formulation will also hydrate and revitalize the epidermis, calm irritation due to dehydration, soothe the skin after environmental exposure, revitalize the complexion and promote a youthful, glowing complexion.

I just don’t require help in most of those areas. My skin doesn’t need much hydration and is still young. So for me, this product doesn’t even begin to reach it’s potential. It feels lovely and I will be quite happy to use up all that I have. But I think another type of skin would get even better results than I’ve seen.


Overall, I’m delighted with this little gift set. The products are truly excellent and if you’re looking to try a gluten free skin care, I would certainly recommend this set to you. This is a good way to take your first step into Mukti, or any other kind of gluten free skin care for that matter.

Check out Mukti’s Balancing gluten free skin care Gift Set HERE.

Stay tuned! The next part of the Mukti review will be out in just a few days!

Part 2 is up! Click HERE to read it.

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  • Michelle Threefold

    Wow, brilliant! I live in Australia, and hadn’t heard of Mukti – will definitely give them a try 😉

  • I’m coeliac and never really thought about gluten in my skincare! I do use a lot of Mukti products already – they are amazing 🙂 I live in Brisbane so they are just up the road and I often order directly from them – too easy.

    • Definitely a whole new world, isn’t it?

      Glad you’re liking Mukti! Being in America they’re not quite so easy to get. Jealous of you. :p lol