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Ever since I began researching gluten free makeup, I’ve been hearing about RMS Beauty. Here and there, little whispers of an amazing company that is dedicated to GMO-free beauty, whose products are all gluten free and completely natural. They call their products “skin care with mineral color”, claiming that the natural healing ingredients of their products help rebuild and protect the skin while adding color and covering blemishes.

Recently, I was asked by several readers all at once if RMS was safe and I realized that I didn’t know. So I emailed them!

Rose-Marie Swift, the owner of RMS Beauty replied and gave me the low down. They do not test for gluten. But all the ingredients are sourced from gluten free sources and their facility is gluten free. Rose-Marie is personally involved in the purchase and formulation of her products. She prefers to keep a close eye on all of her products to ensure that everything meets her high standards.
Currently the site does not talk about their gluten free status, but it is in the process of being remodeled. When that’s done the info will be available on their website.


RMS Beauty "Un" Cover-Up Gluten FreeI got to try one of RMS’s products, the “Un” Cover-Up. According to it’s description:

Unlike other concealers that are heavy and drying to skin, RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-Up is formulated to reveal and enhance healthy skin.

The cover-up is like a thick cream, luscious to the touch and easily spreadable. You can watch it begin to melt with just a touch, likely because of the coconut oil in it. It spreads on easily and begins to melt into the skin instantly.

This cover-up really does look natural. It blends flawlessly into the skin, due to the melting nature of the cream. It’s not a super heavy cover-up, only helping to mask redness and not covering it entirely. It’s nature is to melt and blend, not stay on top of and cover. So this might not be the cover-up to reach for if you have a flaming red hormone breakout. But for less violent blemishes it can really help diminish the visibility of them.

I think the biggest claim-to-fame this cover-up has is the healing ingredients in it. Honestly, as of right now I haven’t used it long enough to really be able to tell if it’s helping the breakouts it’s trying to cover. But with the oils it’s comprised of, I would be very surprised if I don’t start seeing results eventually.  Coconut oil has antibacterial properties. Castor Oil is anti-fungal. Rosemary Extract helps regulate oil balance. It’s like an acne treatment on your skin all. Day. Long.

I’ve had great success using these ingredients separately and on their own as nightly treatments. They work. They are part of skin care, of healing serums and other products formulated to care for you skin. This is almost unheard of in a cosmetic.


I really like what RMS Beauty stands for. All of their products look beautiful and all of them are designed to nourish the skin while applying color. Their unique approach to cosmetics is refreshing and makes for a very different, multipurpose product. What the “Un” Cover-Up lacks in pure cover power it makes up for in working to heal those blemishes.

Check out RMS Beauty and experience a new kind of makeup product!

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  • Mel

    So, are they certified gluten free? Because you never actually say in the article.

    • You are very right, I poorly explained that. Oops. How did I miss finishing my comments there? Thanks for pointing that out! I’ll go rewrite that…

      RMS Beauty is not certified gluten free. They make sure that all the ingredients are sourced from gluten free sources. The products are then made in a gluten free facility.
      The only way gluten could get in the products is if, somehow or other, the ingredient suppliers slipped up and lied to cover their mistake. Without 3rd party testing that COULD happen and we would never know about it. Not likely, but in the realm of possibility.
      It is of course up to you to decide if you want to only stay with companies that have tested for gluten and have no chance of that happening. Personally, I have never had a problem with any of the companies that take great care in keeping their products entirely gluten free, even if they don’t test.

      But I encourage you to make your own standards and stick to them. No one other than you can really truly know what is best for your health.

      • Mel

        Thanks for clarifying that! If they use only gluten-free sources, I’d be willing to give them a try.

        • Thanks for bringing it to my attention! I don’t know why I hadn’t made that clear already… Heh. 😛