Pucker up – Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques – Part 4

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This is the 4th part in the Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques series.  I had so much stuff from them to review, I simply could not cram it all into one post.  Well, take that back, I could.  But it was one big, fat, long, meaty post.  😛  So I’ve taken it apart and cut it into smaller, bite-sized chunks.  Ahhh…  Much easier now.  😉

In this post, I give you the lowdown on Lauren Brooke’s lip products.

Lauren Brooke's Lip Colours

The selection of Lauren Brooke's Lip Colours

Lip Colours- Chablis

This is something like a cross between lip stick and lip balm. The closest thing I’ve ever come to it before is Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer, which I used to love before I learned that it is not gluten free (post coming soon on that). There’s a lovely hydrating, smooth feel to it along with the gorgeous natural color. It’s not full coverage, but lends a strong tint that blends with your natural lip color. There is a delightful sheen to the color that isn’t too distracting and very flattering and attractive.

I don’t really like lipstick. But I really like this lip colour. The non-sticky, soothing qualities to it make it feel more like a balm than a color. It’s only downside is that like most natural lip products, it doesn’t last very long when eating and drinking. But for me, when faced with chemical packed, petroleum based lip stuff vs. natural oil packed, beeswax based lip stuff, the choice is obvious. Lauren Brooke’s Lip Colours fits the bill perfectly.

One thing that I thought was rather odd… I got the Chablis color in the mail and it looks nothing like the picture.  I’ve ordered many things recently over the internet that were close in color to the pictures shown, so I know it’s not just my screen. The Chablis is a beautiful color, but not that bright dusty rose pink shown in the picture. There’s a purple undertone to a more neutral pink that is not overly vibrant. In fact, it is closer in color to the Chianti picture. Maybe there was a mislabeling? At any rate, I actually like the color I received better than the color in the picture. 😛 With this curiosity in mind, I would be perfectly willing to order something else in the future to see what it really looks like. All of the colors in the picture are lovely and with the way it blends into my lips, I can’t see as how I can go wrong with any of them. For my personal preference, I will definitely be trying Rouge and Chianti next. For now, I’m really enjoying my lovely Chablis. 😀


Lauren Brooke's Lip Gloss Colors

Lip Gloss- Winterberry

Silky, shiny and popping with color. Like the Lip Colour, the Lip Gloss has a nurturing feel to it, along with gorgeous colors that do not last through food and drink. But this is lip gloss. 😀 The shine on it is- well, very shiny! My sisters the lip gloss fans think it’s awesome (Christmas presents anyone? Shhhhhhh…!). There’s a nice fruity scent to it as well, though it tastes rather like beeswax if you lick your lips (which I prefer over some flavors, actually). 😛

Like the lip colour, the gloss pictures are not accurate. I got the winterberry, which is the one I was most curious about. In the picture, there are slight brown and purple undertones to the color with low saturation. In real life (or at least in my sample), it’s a far more vibrant red/maroon color. And I love it. I love the color! It’s one of those perfect shades that jerk my head around when I stroll down the makeup aisle. It’s one of those colors that I dream about when I want to make my lips pop. It’s one of those hues that looks stunning on my complexion, but not like it’s been painted on. And I only sorta like the picture.

If you need some lip gloss in your purse, I would definetly recommend Lauren Brooke’s Lip Gloss. It’s reasonably priced, has fabulous shine, nice but not overpowering scent and so far as I’ve tried, incredible colors. Just, be prepared for the colors to be more awesome than the picture. 😛

One last post in the Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques series!  Then it’s alllll over.  🙁  Stay tuned for it sometime later this week!

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