Smooth Over – Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques – Part 3

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This is the third post in the Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques series.  I went back and tried so hard to shorten my super-lengthy review, but came to the conclusion that this company just needs a bit of wordiness to do it justice.  So I’m breaking up this review into easier to read posts.  😉

In this post, I cover (no pun intended!   😛 ) all the face stuff.


Creme Concealer- Warm Medium

When I first opened the pot and placed my finger on the smooth surface of the skin colored creme, I was taken aback by how firm it was. Firm like coconut oil on a cold day. With that behavior in mind, I held my finger on the creme for a few seconds and sure enough, it began to soften. A moment later, I was dabbing a smooth, rich, creamy mixture over the little red blemishes on my face. The consistency that seemed so thick at first painted over troublesome spots easily and seamlessly, blending into my skin around the edges, but just thick enough to cover the uneven tones. This concealer has almost no problems with slightly dry spots. It’s nature just softens the dryness and fills in the unevenness.

There are special oils and extracts in the concealer that are included specifically “with troubled skin in mind”. I honestly haven’t used it enough to really know if it’s making a true difference, but it does feel awfully good to smooth over those problematic places. Whether or not the extracts really help my skin (and I’ve no reason to doubt that they wouldn’t), the coverage and the luxurious feel of the creme concealer is enough to completely sell me. This is a real treat to use.


Creme Foundation- Warm No. 3 and Finishing Powder

In feel, the creme foundation is very similar to the concealer, but somewhat thinner and more like a mousse. A few seconds of lightly pressing your finger into the creme and it’s ready for putting on your brush. Because it’s so thick, I was afraid at first that it would be difficult to spread and look cakey and plastered. But in fact, when the foundation comes in contact with my skin, it softens into a creamy mixture that spreads smoothly over the surface, evens out the tone and blends flawlessly. The other day when I was in a hurry, I even just dabbed a wee bit of foundation only on the slightly problematic areas and blended the edges out with the leftover creme. It looked great!

The only possible “complaint” I might have with the creme foundation is that it has a very shiny finish. But when combined with the finishing powder, it comes down to a perfect matte. Although, I did wear the foundation and finishing powder on a really hot day once when my skin heated up more than usual. I noticed that the foundation melted so much that it began to shine even past the powder. Later, when I glanced in a mirror, the shine had vanished and the foundation had stayed put.

I’ve really enjoyed using Lauren Brooke’s creme foundation! They say that unlike other liquid and creme foundations it does not block pores, so I could use it everyday. And that’s something I can see myself doing with no problem whatsoever.

We’re not done yet!  There’s still more to come!  Uh, what was that?  You think I like Lauren Brooke?  Huh…   Not sure where you got that idea.  😛

Stay tuned for the next post in this series!

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  • Denise

    what a lovely review of the foundation!! 🙂 I stumbled upon their website a couple days ago and I’m really interested in their creme foundation. I have normal to dry skin and I need something moisturizing. What is your skin type? I’d love to know, so I can “assess” the foundation better and think if I should buy samples or not haha. 🙂 also, did it feel moisturising or plain greasy and has it broken you out? thanks in advance and great blog!!!!

    • Hello Denise!  Thank you so much for your positive feedback!  😀

      My skin type is probably best described as combination to oily, because although some of it is normal, at certain times of the month or if my diet changes, other parts swing back to a bit of dryness.
      It felt like *butter* on my skin.  😀  Moisturizing and nourishing and yummy.  When I used it, it did not make me break out, but I did only receive a small sample so was not able to use it extensively.  I think the sample made 3 or 4 full face applications, but I don’t remember for sure.  At any rate, I saw no sign of breaking out on the days that I used it.  Plus, it was really easy to wash off, unlike other creme foundations I’ve tried before.

      I really think that this foundation would be *excellent* for you.  The ingredients are nothing but soothing and restoring, and I very much enjoyed using it while I had it.

      Hope this helps and good luck!!  I’d love to hear what you think if you do end up trying them!